Desk Lamp = Happiness

I am here again, to tell irrelevant tales, as I always do. Ha! Who would have thought that a little lampo would bring me happiness?

This is literally what happened:

I bought a little rechargeable desk lamp. I’ve been reading for years, and I had never thought about buying a lamp; always read with the room light on, and that’s a normal habit, at least for me.

There’s the photo. I wasn’t expecting to find such beauty on a small desk lamp. I came across that little lamp on Amazon. I had never had one, so I decided to try; the Hot Sale was here, and I was recovering from a disappointment that happened the day of my birthday. I do not celebrate my birthday (or any holiday), but having an awful birthday is not a good thing to have. Sadness aside, it was cheap, less than $20 dollars, so I said to myself, “why not, Jesus?” I bought it.

What can I say. It was delivered to me a few days later, and I was not expecting a good time with it. I had always read with the room light on and it was fine. That, tough, was because I had never experienced before something like reading with just a little light with enough illumination to read without hurting your eyes.

The main light of your room serves the purpose to see everything inside, this is clear. To me, whenever I pick a book, I have to maintain all of my focus on the words and pages; I don’t want to see what’s around me. I’ve explained this in the past, we know that the objective of literature is to make you “travel”, escape reality and walk into an adventure while you’re sitting on the couch or lying on your bed. The power of books!

A small lamp has another power. It is the artifact that contains the power of dreams within. From afar, it looks like a normal lamp, and it will work as such. However, once you put it close to you, turn the all the lights off—except for the lamp—and that’s the exact moment the magic is freed from that little artifact. The book and the lamp, with their powers combined, you’re set for the greatest journey that could be done without traveling expenses. Everything is obscured, it is only you and the book you’re getting into.

Be ready to face look at the new worlds, and also be aware for the dangers that lie ahead!

Do you have any special token when you’re reading?

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Reading is a Hobby


As the title says, reading is a hobby. Good. Now, time to explain myself. Why did I come up with this now? It is unfortunate that in my country, Mexico—and some other Latin American countries, I think—, the people never read, we are really famous for that, and I think is kind of a shame. However, you’ve been given the opportunity to meet people and you start to know why. You realize that half of the blame falls on these pseudo intellectuals that roam around believing they’re smarter than anyone else because they read. Wrong. If anyone reads, it is because this person likes it; that must be the only reason. Reading is a hobby.

Indeed, there are so many genres and types of books. From college books, which are there to show you some references about a certain class, call ir physics, government, history, philosophy, you name it. There are also fantasy and fiction books that aren’t meant to give you life lessons—though some actually manage to give greater messages than these so-called “self-improvement” books, but that goes for another post in the future. Just like television and games, fiction/fantasy books are there to entertain you, nothing else. One of the reasons a lot of people are reluctant when it comes to reading is because—and thanks to the mentioned pseudo intellectuals—it appears to be more of a task than anything. It is still common to see someone with interest in literature changing mind the moment some others say that you must read [insert a classic here], and if you don’t, then you are a fool. NO! Please, do not listen to them. There are a lot of books out there for everyone. There are so many things out there for you to sit and enjoy, get lost in the thousand worlds that are being created. It shouldn’t be taken as a task.


This should only apply at school, don’t be like Snape if you’re not a teacher

Can you imagine? At the end of your shift, you’re tired after your 5-10 hour routine (doesn’t matter if you work part-time or full-time), you bought a few bargain books because you want to start a new hobby, sit on your sofa, and then you remember that guy at your school or job calling you [insert your favorite insult based on self-ignorance] because you’re not starting with one of the classics. I don’t know, but I would do something else instead; something that doesn’t feel like something with rules that must be followed in order to understand what’s going on.

The only question you must ask yourself is: What am I looking for? Maybe you’re looking for fantasy—you might want to start with Harry Potter, or the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Maybe you’re looking for science fiction—you might want to start with Isaac Asimov that, even though he’s one of the classic authors of the genre, his stories are easy to follow and very enjoyable. Of course, these are only my personal recommendations, and the library for each genre is huge. There’s something there for you; something that’s going to become part of your life or the most beautiful of your literary memories.

Remember, reading is a hobby. It is a hobby that’ll make you PLAY with your imagination, even let you be the protagonist. You might end up liberating a Kingdom, or saving the world. Who knows!

I found the photo at the top of this post from Google Images