Which band/singer made you get off of your comfort zone to other kinds of music?

I’d like to hear about it from you.

I’ll share first:

I wrote about it a while ago; I don’t remember if it was 2018 or 2019. The band that popped my pop-punk bubble (or happy punk) was Amaral, a duet from Zaragoza, Spain. I was still a kid in middle school, but I still remember when I only liked pop-punk like Blink 182, Sum 41, New Found Glory, and other similar bands. However, it all changed when I heard on television a song by Amaral. It was not a catchy song, but it was so different, so beautiful, that I couldn’t stop listening to it.

From that moment on, I knew there were great musicians that I didn’t know, not only in English-speaking countries but also worldwide. Pop, metal, punk, ballads; everything had something to offer me. Now I know I shouldn’t focus on one genre or language.

Let me know in the comments if you had a similar experience.

#QOTD 3 – Question of the Day

Question of the day:

What did you do on your weekend?

I kinda feel proud because my novel, Black Fields, is going smoothly. I’ll tell you more about it on my Project Journal during the week.

Also, I’ve prepared more reviews for this website. Two more animes, which is funny because I had criticized the anime so hard in the past. Now I believe I am a fan as well.


PS Plus gave two games, Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars: Battlefront II, and I must say that Battlefront’s multiplayer has been fun. I think I’m going to write something about it, it’s worth it! Yeah, I also played CoD: WWII campaign, and can’t say it’s bad, but is just meh, like any other Call of Duty campaign. The multiplayer is cool, though.

As for my reading, still through The Eye of the World journey. I have to say I am loving the book. I know where its inspiration is coming from and the similitudes with Tolkien’s work, but this is getting better and better so far, and its world is very interesting; I want to explore it.

See you all!

#QOTD 2 – What did you do on the weekend?

What did you do on your weekend?

I wish I could have done more, but there’s not much I could say about my weekend. All my attention has been focused to my writing that I had forgotten the pending reviews I do have in mind.

It is not a band thing, though, since my mind is set now. My project will be announced next week, on Friday I hope, and with it, I’m going to start sharing more and more info every week about its WB and whatever comes to mind. As a good writing journal.

This doesn’t mean I am going to stop reviewing or blogging. I am still reading The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan, and LORD, I am loving it. I am halfway through the book, and I wish I had read it long ago. No use for regrets now, right? For now, I have a lot of positive comments about it. And more importantly, I’ve successfully avoided the cast for its Prime adaptation. I don’t want anything to mess with my own imagination. Ha!

I guess that’s it, for now.

I am aware that I promised to review Hanebado! and The Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana), but I need to apologize in advance; it’s going to take time. I don’t want to let the “writer’s block” catch up to me while I am writing my book.

What did you do on the weekend?

Good morning, everyone,

This is just another “section” I’ll do every Monday to ask you about your weekend. I assume that, judging by the number of followers I currently have, the post will be ignored. Still, I think this is a good way to interact with whomever wants to join!

Let’s talk,

What did you do on the weekend?

My weekend was boring. I’ve just been working on a few reviews for this website/blog. I’ve been listening to some Japanese music, so I thought I must share my opinion, and it is scheduled for Wednesday.

Two book reviews are ready! So both have been scheduled for Friday and next Wednesday. The first one is from a book written by Brandon Sanderson and the other a short book by Neil Gaiman.

As for hobbies. Just watched a few anime episodes; I think I’ll write a review very soon about it. It is a sport anime I’ve enjoyed a lot. Also, I’ve started reading The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan, book one of The Wheel of Time series; took me a while, but my journey through the series has finally begun!

Most importantly, I’d like to share some news about my literary work; but I don’t want to rush things out just yet. For now, the only thing I can say is that I am enjoying the results so far.

And feel free to share your own activities!

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