Project: Black Fields

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I guess this is the best time to announce my little project. My old project called For Her Moon turned into a victim of this particular work. I know I’d announced For Her Moon last year, but this is one of those times where writer’s block did a very bad thing. Not going to lie, though, this time was necessary; that little project got stalled for many reasons I will talk about when I’d returned to it. Not going to happen soon, I am afraid.

Black Fields

Black Fields is this project that’d been cooking in my head for a very long time. I don’t consider it a (too) personal work, but something inside me told me I should take the first step into fantasy literature in this language with it.

So far, I’ve written most of its prologue and first chapter on a physical journal and a bit of world building on an Excel spreadsheet. I feel happy with the initial results.


For now, the status remains as a project. I’ll be working hard during the month to have it ready before December. And perhaps try to look for a traditional publisher after the final editing process. I believe, however, that I am going to end up picking the independent path; my numbers here and social media are very low, so I don’t expect someone actually picking attention on me at the moment. I guess KDP is the choice.

Before all the publishing process, I added a Project Journal, and that’s going to be used exclusively to keep track of my literary projects and share it with you. I’d like to capture all the process, from world building, character building, through the whole process of the project. Nothing that reveals anything of the story, but at least something to grab a little attention until its release.

I hope you follow me through all the creation of Black Fields!

The photo at the top by Ahmed Aqtai does not represent the plot. It looked cool! 

My First Novel: Translation (WIP)

El Bosque Donde la Vida No Cesa

Cover of the original release of El Bosque Donde la Vida No Cesa

Well, it was a quite calm journey. Can’t deny one of my biggest weaknesses, and that is the motivation. If something does not go the way it was intended from the very beginning, everything goes down.

Everything changed this year, though. The moment I opened this webpage/blog, I realized how much of a stress reliever this is. Therefore, I went back to my writing. One of my goals is to translate my first novel. I wanted to leave it behind and take a “fresh new start,” and keep on writing the new project called For Her Moon, there’s a post about the new project already, if you wish to read it to know more. Now, the problem of just ignore the first novel, as that this particular work was intended to introduce something to the audience; that something is relevant as a prologue to my following works—though not necessary to understand or enjoy them, so don’t worry about it that much.

Yes, I plan to talk more about it. But first, I’d like to get more reaching from this place. I can’t talk a lot about my books, and I wouldn’t mind, to be honest; but I rather gather more people to let you all know more, and see exactly what I am doing, with my WIPs and my preludes.


A fragment of the Spanish prologue of my novel

For now, the only thing I want to say about my novel is its genre: fantasy. I enjoyed the writing process a lot, and I’d love to share my stories to the world. You don’t know how excited I feel for the illusion of getting more people to know my works.

Hope you stay with me in this journey!