First Days of August 2020

A good weekend. I guess that's a good way to summarize my weekend. I wrote, I watched a few anime episodes, and I watched the Ju-On: Origins' six episodes. I'll probably write a review about it. It's not even new anymore, so I don't mind taking my sweet little time. I must tell you that… Continue reading First Days of August 2020

One Game, Another Time

Videogames have evolved. Decades ago, gaming was so different than nowadays; they were meant to give you some entertainment. As a novelty, though, they had caused addiction, even when you look at their simplicity—just a plumber that runs from left to right, with the goal (or excuse) of rescuing a princess. These games are meant… Continue reading One Game, Another Time

Time, Time, Time

Time, time, time. Time always go on. Time doesn't see the difference between people and objects. Time just go on. Time is not waiting for you or me. Time is always heading towards future without looking back. We're not important in its eyes. Time just go through an infinite path forward. It doesn't care if… Continue reading Time, Time, Time

Reading is a Hobby

As the title says, reading is a hobby. Good. Now, time to explain myself. Why did I come up with this now? It is unfortunate that in my country, Mexico—and some other Latin American countries, I think—, the people never read, we are really famous for that, and I think is kind of a shame.… Continue reading Reading is a Hobby