Black Fields: First Entry

Let’s talk a bit about my current writing process. I have mentioned before that the project Black Fields came to (temporarily) replace For Her Moon which hurts me a lot, but it was a necessary change. I would never recommend to work on something else if you have not finished one thing first, because you’re never going to finish anything if you pile up your duties. However, things change when you had been stuck for a long time and the process stops completely. If you see a dead end and you don’t see a way to return to the road you were looking for, take a different street. Again, it is not recommended but it is not bad, either. You already know there was a dead end there, and by the time you decide to continue thorough the first journey you will know to avoid a certain path.


My brain

When I reached that dead end I found myself in a dark alley, figuratively speaking; I did not know what to do, and when your projects don’t go the way you want it’s easy to feel completely useless. Not everyone is like this, I know, and I am glad. Unfortunately for me, I can’t help but feel that way. A few years thinking about this cool fantasy project, and just when I thought I had it all figured out, I realized there were many things missing. I cannot explain exactly what happened, I just feel that the characters and certain events are leading to nothing. I could not feel any emotion on my own creation. And the simple and yet important magic system I wanted to add did not feel organic; it was forced at a point I should not tell until I get back to that first project.

Black Fields

The project Black Fields is too literal. You’ll know why next year. For now, I’m only telling that that dark alley transformed itself into this story. A story where there’s no light. Only at a certain hour where a dim light shows up. Revered as a deity, people uses it to see their surroundings.

I kinda feel sorry for them because there’s not much of a difference when it illuminates. Even if that small community the story focuses its first chapter on, the tale is going to head into a different direction as it goes forward. They are in a situation where the only thing they have to worry about is to remain alive as long as possible. Uncertainty. Something tells me as I write that there’s no such thing as hopes and dreams, only the expectancy for death. A feeling a person gets when there’s nothing to lose or to fight for.

I’ll share more on the next report.

abstract black and white blur book

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Note taking

I’ve been taking notes. One of the things that helped during a writing process is to DO IT non-stop. I used to believe that we need to take care of each paragraph we have written before heading to the next. That was a huge mistake; rookie mistake. Many writers say that we need to go forward and edit everything once you’re finished. That is why I write notes, too; some ideas come up after two or three chapters, and these new ideas may or may not be in conflict with some of the lines on the previous chapters.

Yes, indeed, if you think about it, this process becomes more difficult because that’s going to force you to read YOUR whole story many times, and every time you will need to make corrections; add or remove full paragraphs until you feel happy with the project. And once you feel very happy with it, guess what? CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have finished… the first step. Now it is the turn of the beta readers and editors.

I am getting too far ahead, though, and this is not the point of this entry, right? Although I think this is a good way to start. Writing some reports, telling a bit about its process and keep doing everything.


The progress has been very significant, but not much considering I have started on July. By the moment I have finished writing this first official entry my word count is a bit above 21,000. I cannot tell you enough how excited I feel to show you the final product.

I am not sure how would people receive a story like Black Fields but my curiosity is really high! I really hope you like the book I am writing. If you don’t, feel free to write a honest review about it. I am always open to criticism.

Music to write

I usually write in silence, sometimes I don’t. The music I listen to while writing is anything instrumental; I feel any lyrics could be very distracting when you need to concentrate. When it comes to videogame soundtracks you’ll find a lot of treasures there for any mood. I wish people would take the original soundtracks more seriously, they don’t  know what they’re missing.

The music of a visual novel called VA-11 Hall-A made me fall in love. The visual novel itself is one of the best thing I have ever “played” (if you could call it that), and with the soundtrack as a complement to the story is just phenomenal. The name of the song I shared represents exactly the opposite of Black Fields, but one cannot deny the possibility of hope, even in the darkest situation you might face.

And this is the conclusion of my first report. I am still afraid for the final work. This is going to be a self-published novel, I don’t have any plans for querying; this is my debut (in English) novel, and I think keeping myself with the “indie” status while making  myself a name, if that ever happens, will be better than just trying to make it into a traditional publisher house.

Applying for the “big league” is something I’d love to do in the future. For now, let’s just do baby steps. I don’t want to rush things out before releasing my ideas first.

By the way, the only plan I have for sure after I’ve finished my novel is to take a three-month break before starting the next. I will be able to return with the normal scheduling here.

Nothing more to report here, so I wish you have a great week. Enjoy your time as much as possible. I know this “new world” is getting crazier everyday. I would have said that we’d learn from our mistakes to prevent a pandemic or any other kind of disaster… but we all know how humans work.

Peace, I’m out of here to continue the journey through the Black Fields.

Se you all!

The Fields

now or never quote

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Ladies and gentlemen,

This is me again with one of the so many posts about my fantasy projects. I have mentioned that every update will be added to the Project Journal section of this humble little page, and at the top of the home screen until I come up with a new post.

The good news are that everything is coming along just fine. I feel ready to start sharing bits from that project I have been working lately. For Her Moon can go to hell for now, because we’ll be visiting the black fields very soon. By very soon I mean somewhere in 2021. As much as I wanted to say that it’d be released this year, plans change, and I believe it’s for good this time.

The bad news, however, is that all of this will stop me from doing  any more reviews for a while. As much as I love to play, watch animes, I think I can step away; take a little break until this has been finished.

I’ll keep reading books. For entertaining  purposes, not for content to be added.

Black Fields was originally planed as a novella. The idea that invaded my mind when the project (and most likely official title) Black Fields came into my brain is that the book would be too short to be considered a novel. That has changed; I couldn’t find a way to make the story short. I feel excited to show you the final product. Though I must say that writing using English, my second language, has been a nightmare. One thing is to write stupid posts like these once or twice a week, and a whole different thing and level to write a literary work.

I have a person, a native English speaker, willing to help me do the beta reading; that comforts me a lot. The problem is that I am so afraid that his eyes start to bleed thanks to me. I should prepare myself to be sued by his wife. I guess there are risks everywhere. Ha!

One more thing, though, and that is that I have been asking myself if it would be a good idea or not to write here on my blog (again, on my Project Journal section) daily, or every two-days a report. Of course, it would not be something dumb like:

“Yeah! I did it! I wrote [insert your favorite number] word today. I AM RAD!” PERIOD

No, I want to write a full report telling the number of words I’ve written, perhaps put a graph just for the visuals; talk a little about my characters and the world itself, just hints to avoid any weird to-be-considered-spoiler thing. Maybe talk a bit about what’s the inspiration behind a scenario and the music I was listening in the process.

I welcome any ideas.

For now, I am going to leave it here. Need to figure out things.

See you all soon!

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

“Mum’s away. Dad’s in charge. There’s no milk.”

Unfortunately, the Milk, is the adventure of a dad (I call him the Not-Gaiman) that went to buy milk for his children’s breakfast cereal, and his tea. It takes a lot of time to return home, so when he finally arrived, the kids start asking what happened; this is where Not-Gaiman starts telling them a fantastic story, which begins with an abduction.

The odd thing was the beam of light that came out of the disc—a glittery, shimmery beam of light that was visible even in the daylight. And the next thing I knew, I was being sucked up into the disc.

The little story is a wonderful read. A perfect book for your kids (including the one that still lives within you). Or perhaps this could be a guide to these parents looking for an excuse whenever they go to “buy cigarettes” (see what I did there—no? My jokes are genuinely bad, my apologies) and tell a fantastic story, put a smile on their faces. 

Unfortunately, the Milk, put a lot of memories in my head. I am guessing this could be the adult-with-a-heart-of-a-child version of the small adventures we’d had in our heads using any object; that little box that turned into a spaceship, or the stick that in our eyes was the most powerful sword in a kingdom that existed in our innocent minds. 

Looking for a short tale takes you to a journey with aliens, space dinosaurs, pirates, tribes, time travel, and vamp… sorry, WUMPIRES? Fortunately, the milk got you covered.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson became one of my favorite authors. I consider the Mistborn trilogy to be masterpieces of fantasy literature. I’ve recently read Warbreaker, and this is not one of his best works. Does that mean Warbreaker is a bad book? Well, let’s find out!


The story is political and colorful. Though there’s something missing in this book. I know I should treat every book as its individual thing, especially since Warbreaker is a stand-alone work, even though it shares the Cosmere.

The book itself is more character-driven. We have a few descriptions of the world of Nalthis. The events happen in mostly in the kingdom of Hallandren, where the Returned (people that came back from the dead and are revered as gods). We explore a few points of the conflict between Hallandren and the country of Idris (where our protagonists, daughters of the King Dedelin are from). And though it is interesting how the story develops around it, we don’t really see much of it.

Warbreaker is a character-driven story. We have our focus on three characters in a third-person point of view:

  • Sisirinah, she is the reckless daughter of King Dedelin. Siri is sent too Hallandren to marry the God King instead of her sister. Her father thought it would be better to send her impulsive, hasty, disobedient daughter, while keeping his pride; the eldest daugher, Vivenna in Idris. And as for her character, we see a Siri that doesn’t change the attitude much, but unlike what some of her acquaintances might have thought of her, she is very smart; her forced relationship with the God King has a little twist after a few funny (or perhaps uncomfortable) performances to fool some priests.
  • Vivenna, the eldest daughter of Dedelin, she was originally meant to marry the God King. Her manners, education, and intelligence, made her the best candidate to represent Idris. Her father couldn’t let her go, Siri replaced her as the God King’s wife. When Siri was sent to Hallandren, Vivenna felt responsible for it, and believed that her sister was getting between a dangerous plot, so she went to the kingdom to rescue her. This is where the character has to deal with different problems; I have to say she’s got an interesting development, because we see that her royal training and education is not enough, not even close, to deal with the intern conflicts the kingdom and her country are dealing with.
  • Lightsong, and to me, the most interesting character among the protagonists. He is a Returned, revered as the God of Bravery. We see this character not taking anything as seriously as he should. In fact, he insists so much that he is useless, doubting his own divinity all the time. This is the most unpredictable character, in my opinion; his mocking attitude and his self-proclaimed ineptitude made him a box of surprises.

The other characters are good, but nothing special; it is hard for me to see anyone else standout, perhaps the little twist with the God King’s personality.

The thing that have personally disappointing me is the magic. This is where I am going to feel a little bit guilty, because I don’t see appropriate to make comparisons; but this magic system, based on breath and colors is very interesting, I really liked it. Unfortunately, we don’t explore enough of it. We know how it works, but we see it put into good practice until the second half, perhaps close to the end, of the book. After reading Mistborn, is hard not to take this magic into account; we know that Sanderson is an expert creating magic systems in his stories.

The book was supposed to be a stand-alone novel, taking that into account, the ending is kinda abrupt, in my opinion. It wasn’t satisfying. Today we know that Sanderson has confirmed a sequel in the future, so I guess I should not be mention it now.

Would I recommend this book to anyone? Definitely, it is a good fantasy story with good protagonists and a few twists that are going to make you feel excited. It is a quick page turner; it is indeed hard to put down once you start reading it. However, if you’re a fan of Sanderson works, perhaps you will find this just a little disappointing.

Have you read the book? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Wheel of Time New Covers

I strongly believe we should NOT judge a book by its cover. The covers should not be the first thing to look at when buying anything, a good cover could be tricky. However… have you seen the new editions of The Wheel of Time? They’re not atrocious, until the comparisons are easily available.

Spoiler alert: I am getting the new covers.

Let’s take a look to the old covers. Back in 2018, when my visits to Barnes & Noble turned out more frequent, I hesitated a lot. The Wheel of Time covers had beautiful illustrations. I have to be honest, the illustrations made me pay attention to the series (before knowing who had the series finished). Fortunately (and unfortunately, perhaps) other books had had priority. I wish I had an infinite wallet, but I’m a regular person. Ha!

Please, take a look at these beauties:

WoT old covers

I love the covers. The illustrations have a retro-vibe, they look really great; imagine the collections on your bookshelf. Just think about it. Getting home after a long day at work or school, but instead of sleep or watch television, you decide to read a book; and every time you grab a book, these beauties await for your return.

I was focused on Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaimann, and Jim Butcher. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t regret it. I love these authors, and I can tell you Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author nowadays. Also, Sanderson is another reason I wanted to get Jordan’s series. Robert Jordan passed away in 2007, before the conclusion of his books, and instead of leaving his epic fantasy series incomplete, he passed the torch to a young Sanderson. And thus, it’s got a conclusion!

Everything was normal, I continued living my life as always, and then heard about some fantasy news: A forthcoming TV show from Amazon Studios. That got me excited, but didn’t make me move a finger. Good news, yes, though I rarely watch TV, and if I do watch a movie or television show based on a book or videogame (or viceversa), I always do it after the original material, I don’t want an “interpretation” to ruin the liberty of my imagination.

WoT New Cover Announcement

When I saw the announcement of the new covers, my reaction was a “meh” of disappointment. This is when the problem had started but I couldn’t realize until it was too late. I didn’t see the point in buying the books immediately; I had books in my backlog, so I believed the best idea was to wait for the future. Months later, starting 2020, I went to Barnes & Noble, finally with a decision to buy a at least the first book set. Oh boy! The box sets were there, but not the awesome box sets with the amazing illustrations made by Darrell K. Sweet, no, I am talking about the box sets that are available today, are the ones with the new covers. Goodbye to the amazing covers with retro-vibe.

I know the old revisions are still available, but they are tricky to find, and sometimes more expensive.

I thought it would be a very good idea to wait a little more before getting the books. I missed the old illustrations, so it wouldn’t matter anymore.


One night, I was overthinking, as I usually do. It is a good exercise for the brain to traumatize it with problems from the past. IT IS SO HEALTHY… sarcasm aside, I wondered about the forthcoming Amazon Prime series, and then, a possibility scared me: a new revision of the series WITH-COVERS-FEATURING-THE-TV-SHOW-ACTORS. A chill ran through my spine. I hadn’t been scared like that since Silent Hill videogames. I had to take a rushed decision. Get the current revisions, before the series starts airing on Amazon

See the photo above, just in case you don’t believe me. The Hot Sale helped a lot to achieve this. Exploring the web, I looked for different opinions about these new covers, a lot of people hate them, and others say that the covers feel more “elegant” or “stylish”. I guess my definition for both words are different, but it’s just me.

As I mentioned, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in the end, the most important (AND ONLY) function of a book is to be read. Although I can’t deny my disappointment. I am also excited, my journey through The Wheel of Time series is going to begin sooner than it had been planned.

Now I just have to wait for June 30th for the last box set, which includes Towers of Midnight, A Memory of Light, and the prequel, New Spring.

Have you ever had a disappoinment similar to this? What do you think of the new covers. Personally, I don’t like them, but maybe you’re fine with them. Let me know!

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A Sight of the Moon

nubes jesus d

A sight of the Moon. It is all is left.

The sky has turned black and purple. The starts shine differently, and the Moon is reflecting their light. The sun is hidden, somewhere out there, as if Earth moved away from its gaze. A silence embraced everything. A few insects were singing from afar, while a person was sitting alone on a bench, smoking a cigarette.

That person had long golden hair that danced with the air. The nocturnal breeze that whispered an unintelligible language. It made the smoke she blew disappear. How long had she been there already? Time turned out to be irrelevant, it should have been morning already, according to the hour shown on her phone. 8:46.

The girl believed it’s a dream that went beyond the deep unconsciousness. It was too tangible to be false; a trick that her brain had been playing. The detail of her environment was real. The fountain with the alligators was there, and the streetlights on, as if the world had stopped by the will of someone—something greater.

The tobacco’s taste is as she remembered it. Downtown should be occupied by those that are heading to school or work. Only the breeze kept its whispering. No engines, no footsteps approaching, nothing else to count as a company. It seemed the world had just stalled, and just a few might be there, conscious, embraced by the same solitude as hers; though the girl didn’t seem to care. In fact, she seemed comfortable; maybe she was waiting for something like that to happen all along, without really knowing. A hidden wish that had always lived within her, trying to escape given the opportunity.

The girl with the golden hair, without a proper perception of her surroundings, closed her eyes. An abandoned town couldn’t be dangerous; and the inhabiting ghosts were silent to her presence. She’d found a certain beauty on a moon and many stars that emitted a strange, pretty, purple light. A beauty that is present, just for her.

Suddenly, she realized something: as much as she’d wanted to convince herself for that to be a dream, there was something wrong. The girl knew it wasn’t a dream, and yet, she didn’t want to let that sense of comfort go. She walked through the streets of El Paso, never too far from downtown. Nothing. Only the echo of her own movements against the pavement.

Offices, restaurants, and other public places; even those few that were supposed to be open 24 hours, had their lights off. Only the streetlights were working. Is the whole world gone? She thought, and then repeated it, this time using words, in case someone could hear.

A few hours later, at the time that was supposed to be noon, she returned to her apartment. The lights worked well. The other buildings had their lights off. Probably the people were still sleeping, waiting for the sunlight to hit their rooms. Or worse, maybe they were gone, to a place where the sun is actually shining. Another version of Earth.

In the end, what could a human do in that situation? There was a self-portrait in her room next to the bed. She’s an art student at the Texas University. There were a few drawings scattered on the floor, some of them abstract and some others realistic. All of them had her signature, but only one of them a name—it had been written using Cyrillic characters that read: Alena.

Alena didn’t feel the need to sleep. She grabbed an empty canvas and two colors: black and purple. With that, she could immortalize that moment, in case the thing that had caused the strange event decides to return everything back to normal.

What of her family? What of her friends? She never gave a single thought about them. Painting became her priority.

This is just a prelude of my project called For Her Moon. More preludes to come.

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Thank you for your time.

Go Fantasy

I read The Hobbit last month. I thought it’d be nice to make Tolkien a Christmas tradition for me. There’s no reason in particular, though, it is just that December’s Holidays are my favorite. And what could be better than to just read something by someone that started with your favorite genre—Fantasy.

I am not here to bring something new on the table. Actually, I just wanted to add something of my own to this so well-explored topic. If you like fantasy literature, you probably know what I’m talking about. And yes, you’re right: clichés.

A cliché is a “formula” that is repeated on and on. Every writer/author has their own way to write it, but it’ll end up being the same. Now, do I believe this is bad? Absolutely not. Actually, one of the most beautiful things in literature comes by the fact that you have no images of the book you’re reading (unless you look for fan arts before any read, and I believe you’re a monster), anything is described within text and text only. And sometimes a protagonist has a vague description, so you can imagine yourself being that silver knight that slew the Arch-Demon-Dragon-Supreme-God in the story you read, and hey, that is so cool! I am 30, and I must confess that I do exactly the same sometimes. Imagine yourself giving that opportunity to read and dream to your children!

The major characteristic that you’ll find in fantasy literature is The Chosen One! How many times have we heard about a chosen one? There are movies, animated series, comics, and books. A white bearded wizard that finds a young man or woman to be the person destined to save the world from an antagonistic figure, and that antagonist is usually the most powerful being that wants to destroy the world, or at least change it to his own ideas. Or sometimes is just a starting point of a long journey.

Although I am a fan of Tolkien, there are many tales I don’t know. I am calling myself a Tolkien beginner, and as such, the first time I read The Hobbit, it was just weird to me that Gandalf had chosen Bilbo Baggins out of nowhere; the poor Hobbit was enjoying himself until Gandalf came and then marked his door for the Dwarves to find his home and convince… force him, to start the journey. In the end, Bilbo Baggins showed himself worth of Gandalf’s words. He wasn’t the hero, but he got the ring and found Smaug’s weakness.

The question remained, though, and we’d wondered why the wizard picked Bilbo, and one thing about fantasy literature, especially Tolkien, is that his world is so big that many tales of Middle-earth were written on different books. There are legends, and parts that couldn’t be said in said book, or even The Lord of the Rings. And there’s an actual explanation in The Quest for Erebor in the Unfinished Tales. Gandalf met Bilbo when he was a kid, and he saw something different in the Hobbit, being this one the most adventurous among others of his race. There’s more than a simple explanation, indeed, let’s remember that Smaug couldn’t recognize Bilbo’s smell. According to the book, all Hobbits are kind enough to be kind to anyone, even invite them for dinner, but they usually preferred to be in their little houses.

I personally like the fact that there’s an importance behind the chosen one, and J. K. Rowling did the same with Harry Potter series.

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

The Chosen One in The Hobbit is Bilbo Baggins

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

The Chosen One in Mistborn is Vin

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

The Chosen One in Harry Potter is… well, Harry Potter.

In Harry Potter we know that his parents were murdered by He Who Must Not Be Named and failed on killing the baby Potter leaving a mark on his forehead. And though it seems like hardly a good excuse to make Harry Potter a Chosen One, there an actual explanation on how that made him a person capable of facing You Know Who, and that’s also the most important “enchantment” to make him… okay, enough, VOLDEMORT! To make Voldemort vulnerable again by the second half of the seventh book.

Brandon Sanderon made something a little bit different with his Mistborn series. We don’t have wizards here, but we have mistborns; we don’t have magic, but we have allomancy, feruchemy, and hemalurgy. The concept is similar, indeed. However, we’re talking about the Cosmere, an universe created by the author in which many of his novels take place.

The Chosen One here is Vin, a 16 year old skaa (the peasant class) that lived with his brother, and some scumbags, in poverty. An adult named Kelsier appears to save her. He saw the potential in Vin to be a Mistborn, and he decides to take her with him to his hideout to take care of her. And then, they infiltrate the richest part of the city and start a revolution to defeat The Lord Ruler, the villain of this story (the first book, at least).

I have mentioned three different stories by three different authors and as you can see the patterns are similar to each other.

Do I think that’s a bad thing? Again, no! Having a Chosen One adds to the importance of the main character, and helps you dive into him/her more. It is easier and sometimes more effective to be by the side of the heroic figure.

Do I believe this should be included in all stories? No! It all depends on the author, whether he/she likes to include it or not. If the story needs to let you know from the beginning that you’re following the story of a Chosen One, a figure that might have started from nothing until that person turns into the world’s hero, then the author should go for it!

In other had, if the author doesn’t want to make the protagonist the most heroic figure in his/her fantasy literary work, then it’s also a great choice. It’s hard to find these stories, where the central point of view doesn’t have to be the only reliable being. George R. R. Martin is a good example for it. You read the story in third person, but with different points of view (each divided by chapter), and every character has the same value for the author. One moment the character seems like it’s going to take over the Kingdom, and the next chapter that same character dies pathetically.

Clichés are not bad if they’re used properly. A story doesn’t have to be perfect to be great, and “originality” doesn’t mean good either. Being experimental is good for everything, but let’s remember that not all experiments are a success, but from failures we can come up with good things. I can’t tell you I don’t love these clichés because I enjoy them as much as the majority, and in the end the best part of literature, games, movies, cartoons, is to entertain ourselves, and make new discoveries. Even in entertainment we should look for new things, or discover new uses for these mentioned formulas.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts.

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Still a Ravenclaw


My favorite genre in literature is fantasy. And the last time I was so in-depth with a fantasy novel was with the Harry Potter series. A lot of people criticize Rowling for many things, sometimes without a real fundamentals. It is impossible to deny that she carved a good mark in a whole generation of kids, teenagers, and adults alike. I arrived late to the party; I got Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was 22. I tried to avoid it due its popularity—don’t judge me, the popular thing I read before that was the Twilight series, so please understand how reluctant I had been when one of my friends insisted me to read them.

That is a summary on how my introduction to Hogwarts began. Today, I have the seven Harry Potter books, a collection in Spanish and a bundle in English, and I regret nothing. There are a lot of complaints against the author, and with all that have been happening the current decade, everything being offensive and politically incorrect, there might been many opinion about her points of view. Does that really matter, though? I don’t think so. As many others forms of art, I believe we shouldn’t care too much about the author; only his/her work. Authors are people like you, like me; and like you and me, they have different ideas and opinions, some of them we might not agree on, but that doesn’t make them bad (unless their ideals are straight up harmful).

If you follow J. K. Rowling, you already know what I refer too when I mention complaints against the author. Out of nowhere she’s causing a lot of noise for her declarations about some of the Harry Potter characters. I say we should be respectful and take those commentaries as a “curiosity” or just ignore them completely. As for me, I love the Harry Potter series, but to me it begins with The Sorcerer’s Stone and ends with The Deathly Hallows. I’ll keep it this way, and I’ll love it the way it is.

Of course, feel free to comment your own points of view about the author and her books!

I took the photo from DevianArt. This is the link: 

My First Novel: Translation (WIP)

El Bosque Donde la Vida No Cesa

Cover of the original release of El Bosque Donde la Vida No Cesa

Well, it was a quite calm journey. Can’t deny one of my biggest weaknesses, and that is the motivation. If something does not go the way it was intended from the very beginning, everything goes down.

Everything changed this year, though. The moment I opened this webpage/blog, I realized how much of a stress reliever this is. Therefore, I went back to my writing. One of my goals is to translate my first novel. I wanted to leave it behind and take a “fresh new start,” and keep on writing the new project called For Her Moon, there’s a post about the new project already, if you wish to read it to know more. Now, the problem of just ignore the first novel, as that this particular work was intended to introduce something to the audience; that something is relevant as a prologue to my following works—though not necessary to understand or enjoy them, so don’t worry about it that much.

Yes, I plan to talk more about it. But first, I’d like to get more reaching from this place. I can’t talk a lot about my books, and I wouldn’t mind, to be honest; but I rather gather more people to let you all know more, and see exactly what I am doing, with my WIPs and my preludes.


A fragment of the Spanish prologue of my novel

For now, the only thing I want to say about my novel is its genre: fantasy. I enjoyed the writing process a lot, and I’d love to share my stories to the world. You don’t know how excited I feel for the illusion of getting more people to know my works.

Hope you stay with me in this journey!

Project: For Her Moon


For Her Moon is my newest project. Well, my first, considering my previous works have been written in my native language, Spanish. For many years, I had this idea of writing my own stories; you can read more about it on my post related to Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan). Finally, the first book of a series is going to be real. There’s no release date yet. I need to be honest: right now I am focusing more on this website. My intention is to gain some attention before starting to announce, keep writing, and start the editing process of this new novel. Can’t tell if this is a good idea or not, but I believe is better if I start showing you my… skills? As I have mentioned, this website/blog is not going to be focused only on my fantasy; it will also include a lot of random thoughts as a journal and a few reviews whenever I want to take time to write something about a specific game, movie, book, or something else. All of this is going to help me polish my writing even more, so I want you to expect a lot of content here!

HOWEVER, it is a fact that the main purpose of this is to show you my stories and this place is the best way to do it. There are two old short stories posted already. Though they are kinda random, I think it’d be good to keep them so I can see how much I improve from here on!

I will be posting preludes to my novel every month (or every two weeks, if possible). These preludes are coming to tell you a few things about some characters and places, though it doesn’t mean these characters are appearing in the novel. They are more for world building than actually tell the plot. I want to introduce my universe to you, and putting my hopes up to make you dive into it and enjoy the trip.

The only thing I could say now, is that Her Moon is closer.