A Blog: For Her Moon, Pt 1

This is my first NaNoWriMo progress update. You might want to see my updates here or take a more direct look at my NaNoWriMo page HERE!

As you already know, I’ve been writing a novel. The project For Her Moon was originally meant to be published later this year 2019. Unfortunately my muse left for a good amount of time. She returned with all of her power and punched me in the face. Thanks to that, my brain started to function as intendedor maybe not as intended, but at least I can write now.

I have officially started writing the novel on November 1st, just in time for NaNoWriMo 2019 and to pretend I’m playing a videogame. I believe it would be a BIG mistake to participate if I do it as work. And I must admit that my first approach to writing is thanks to Eartbound (Mother 2).

To the point: I’ll be writing my novel Monday through Friday and try to update my blog with new information about For Her Moon every day (along with the NaNoWriMo progress). Saturdays and Sundays, though, it’s going to be my break from the job and my novel. I’d like to be fresh whenever I write. So here I it is:

NANO NOV01 2019

I managed to hit 1,452 words on Friday, November 1st, while I was writing a certain gaming blog that’ll be published on November 7th—if you like videogames, you probably know what November 7th is. As for Saturday and Sunday, there’s no progress; I won’t be writing anything related to my novel those two days, as I have mentioned above.

Progress so far

There’s not much to say at the moment. I introduced the setting and the two protagonists. Both are University students that went to a not-so-popular restaurant and have a normal conversation about having a party next weekend.

Interesting? I guess notan introduction to the characters and the current word count won’t tell you anything, of course. Let’s wait and see what happens next!

Thank you for reading me.

Tomorrow I will post my today’s progress!

Are you writing a novel? Are you participating on NaNoWriMo? Feel free to talk about it in the comments below.

I must admit I’m loving what I have so far, but I am so afraid (and shy) to share more details about it. That’s why I decided to vaguely tell you a little about For Her Moon with these NaNoWriMo updates.

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Update: NaNoWriMo and Short Stories

I already have made a post about my NaNoWriMo participation; I’m not going to take it like a serious thing, though, it’ll become my game. A game I plan to beat. Even if I don’t reach the goal, I’ll feel more than satisfied with it. And even if I reach or surpass the word counting goal but the story is not finished, I’ll be satisfied.

The thing that really excites me about this is that I’ve finally figured out what to do. After writing and rewriting my novel, I finally got this.

So, what is the plan for NaNoWriMo? Is to write my project called For Her Moon while my inspiration and musical company stand with me.

What the hell is For Her Moon? Is the name of the project. I don’t have an “official” title for my novel yet, so I’m calling it For Her Moon until I decide to come up with a name. Maybe when the novel is finished. Doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters until it’s done!

What about this not-blog? I’ll do constant updates about the project, including NaNoWriMo word count. And I plan to write short stories that’ll be available here for FREE! This will be a good way for you to know my writing style without me feeling the need to reveal anything about my novel–I feel kinda uncomfortable revealing my work, to be honest.

There’s nothing else for me to say at the moment, I guess. Feel free to ask me anything. Or, if you’d like to interact directly  with me, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

See you!

Music & Words



Imagine your favorite song

Music is definitely a sound that travels through the whole universe. A muse that flies around Earth, looking for those who had lost their way on the path leading to one’s creativity–a good power metal putting elves and dragons fighting in this ancient magical kingdom that was built on a piece of paper. A pop rock song recreating a high school memory with a few liberties as you remember your crush. A piano piece played in minor notes, taking our hands and leading us to the deepest and darkest places that were hidden in our hearts.

Every piece of art tells a story of its author. The message is not always clear, that is up to the spectator to fill the holes with an individual interpretation, but always keeping in mind the creator’s own life and what you have on sight. Music, on the other hand, although it almost works the same way, the meaning for each note goes beyond a single interpretation; a mayor chord might make you feel happy, but there are no words, there are no images to show you what the author felt exactly–you draw your own image in your mind, what made YOU happy. The world that your head builds when the music starts playing is supernatural, even when the song has lyrics, it is hard to not portray oneself along the rhythm.

I still remember the first time I heard “A Forest” by The Cure. The bass made me feel like I was walking through the nature at dusk, caring about my foot trails. I ended up getting lost, though, and it didn’t matter because I knew there was a mystery at the end of that forest. Never reached that goal. It was a path that felt infinite, but a path that I would walk again if given the chance.

Must clarify that “A Forest” is not even close to being one of my favorite songs, but it’s actually the first song with lyrics that helped as company when I wrote my first short story. That was more than a decade ago, the days I remember how much I wanted to conquer the world.

That music without words is the one that lets you picture your own story. Listen to your favorite bossa nova, synth-pop, “classical,” you name it. The sounds that shield your ears and emotions through your headphones. Following the sidewalk, passing by the city lights as the world around you falls asleep.

Silent. There’s no sound anymore, but you are unable to notice–to care–, a playlist is making your insecurities disappear. Walk, nobody’s around and yet, you could almost remember with clarity and taste the Coca-Cola and beer you had with your friends at the restaurant on the corner of the childhood neighborhood. How long has it been? Months, years, decades, it’s your life and you know what you had lived.

And it starts raining.

Personal note: It’s been hard for me to come up with new stories. I have a few outlines which I really hope I can use very soon to start sharing my short stories on this not-blog. Music has helped me a lot through my life; it’s always been there whenever I need to write or just escape reality.

Feel free to share the songs that make you feel inspired. If it helps you to create your own art, or just to pass the time.

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Should I Participate on NaNoWriMo 2019?


NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) is basically a way for–aspiring or veteran–writers from every place on Earth to gather and share with its community their work. NaNoWriMo has a goal: 50,000 words during November. That doesn’t mean your novel has to be 50,000 words; it is just a goal for anyone to reach and motivate them to keep going!

For some people this might be weird in many ways because it’s hard–almost impossible–to write something good within a time limit like that. That’s not the point though. If I have to describe it myself, I’d say this is a place where you challenge yourself, like in a videogame, to DO WRITE that story that’s been hidden in your head for so long. To me, this could be myself playing the role of a developer creating a new IP (intellectual property) from the beginning to the end. Still, I know this keeps the same thing floating: it is almost impossible to write a good story in a month, taking it that 50,000 words is the minimum count for something be considered a novel. Specially if you have the dream to write an epic fantasy like The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), The Stormlight Archive (Sanderson), or similar.

I believe the main purpose of NaNoWriMo is to enjoy yourself writing. Interact with the community, see if it has any resources to help you in your writing quest, or simply to push those words out of you!

We need to remember something: there’s not a perfect  creation out there, and even those things you felt well-polished (poems, songs, games, books, TV shows), required a lot of repetition and editing.

NaNoWriMo is just here to let YOU see your own progress; that project, or story, you always wanted to see on paper, to be printed on paper or just digitally for others to read. That’d be just the first step! After you’d completed this challenge, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ll find yourself taking the second step: EDIT!

EDIT EDIT EDIT! NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE! Edit as much as needed. Start by yourself, read and correct your story, your grammar; remove everything that seems out of place, or add is something’s missing. It might take two or more readings, but once you’re done, look for someone you trust and is willing to give you a hand and good critique on your work. Same as the previous step, do it more than once or twice if possible. This is your creation after all, you might want to make  it look good!

"Keep your head in the clouds and your hands on the keyboard."
Marissa Meyer

To summarize, I think NaNoWriMo is a good web resource for writers, specially aspiring ones, to make their work a real thing and not just a daydream photo. After beating the challenge, go and make your girl/boy look pretty/handsome!

Should I participate? I’ll probably do, now that I am talking about this.

Personal note: it feels weird to talk as if I could actually give any advice when I haven’t achieved anything as a writer, to be honest; I am writing my first book in this language, and it’s being a hell of a challenge.

I guess this whole post/article/blog is just for me, trying to give myself that advice no one has ever given to me. If this post actually helps someone else, I’ll feel very happy.

Update: Hello, Writing Community

Finally, a time for myself.

Why am I here now? It is a good question, it’s been a while since that last time I posted something on this blog. I know it looks like mere procrastination, and indeed it is 50% true, but I am also having a lot of difficulties writing.

I’m trying to write a novel, a project called For Her Moon (also created a hashtag). It was intended to be the first book of my urban fantasy series, which I rather not reveal anything yet, and that is because everything I had written as my “first revision” was TRASH to me. I need to RE-do the whole thing. It’s funny that the fact that I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, like Sanderson’s, Kristoff’s, among others’, it’s not helping me write, BUT actually improve the whole writing. I should be grateful and frustrated at the same time.

For now, I’ll keep writing a lot. Not only that, but also write about the things I’m doing and entertaining myself to; make reviews or impressions out of them. I know it’s going to be fun! I added an Entertainment section at the top of this not-blog for it!

I am also debating myself into writing my very first novel that was originally in Spanish as monthly web series (translated to English, of course).

Still a Ravenclaw


My favorite genre in literature is fantasy. And the last time I was so in-depth with a fantasy novel was with the Harry Potter series. A lot of people criticize Rowling for many things, sometimes without a real fundamentals. It is impossible to deny that she carved a good mark in a whole generation of kids, teenagers, and adults alike. I arrived late to the party; I got Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was 22. I tried to avoid it due its popularity—don’t judge me, the popular thing I read before that was the Twilight series, so please understand how reluctant I had been when one of my friends insisted me to read them.

That is a summary on how my introduction to Hogwarts began. Today, I have the seven Harry Potter books, a collection in Spanish and a bundle in English, and I regret nothing. There are a lot of complaints against the author, and with all that have been happening the current decade, everything being offensive and politically incorrect, there might been many opinion about her points of view. Does that really matter, though? I don’t think so. As many others forms of art, I believe we shouldn’t care too much about the author; only his/her work. Authors are people like you, like me; and like you and me, they have different ideas and opinions, some of them we might not agree on, but that doesn’t make them bad (unless their ideals are straight up harmful).

If you follow J. K. Rowling, you already know what I refer too when I mention complaints against the author. Out of nowhere she’s causing a lot of noise for her declarations about some of the Harry Potter characters. I say we should be respectful and take those commentaries as a “curiosity” or just ignore them completely. As for me, I love the Harry Potter series, but to me it begins with The Sorcerer’s Stone and ends with The Deathly Hallows. I’ll keep it this way, and I’ll love it the way it is.

Of course, feel free to comment your own points of view about the author and her books!

I took the photo from DevianArt. This is the link: http://fav.me/d499xqy 

Amaral and My Musical Ignorance


Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre

Amaral is simply my favorite band in Spanish. There’s a good story, though; when I was in elementary/primary school, my love for music started to grow. Actually, I need to admit it was an obsession to me. Whenever I got grounded, my mother never take video games away from me, she let me without music, and that was my weak point. I guess most mothers know how to punish their spoiled children.

I remember I was living in a little bubble. “Every song in my language is shit, and whatever is not punk or metal is shit.” That’s what I used to say. My ignorance was so big that I thought that every pop song sounded like Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears, or that every song in Spanish sounded like a trash copy of something that was being popular in English—Belinda being a copy of Avril Lavigne; Panda (or PXNDX) a copy of Blink 182, Sum 41, and others pop punk bands.

I denied all songs in my language so hard that every time my grandma turned the television on to watch the top popular songs in Mexico, I ran straight to my room to play games or put on my headphones to listen to my favorite songs. One day, while I was just daydreaming in my room, I heard a song from my grandma’s room:

The version I heard was the one featuring Beto Cuevas, from the band called La Ley, but I honestly prefer the original song

That was the moment that a song in my language got my attention. From the music to the lyrics, I couldn’t help but wonder about that song. Though when I had finally decided to take a look, the song had ended. I had to wait another week to catch the song again. When it happened, I knew it was something great. I knew I loved it so much, but I went into a state of denial; I didn’t want to admit that a “pop” (that’s how I called it), could be that good. I managed to ignore it after two or three weeks, but didn’t forget. The song disappeared from the top ten and everything went back to normal. A time had passed, years. And another song caught my attention while I was playing games in my room:

“El Universo Sobre Mí” from their fourth studio album called Pájaros en la Cabeza, and I fell in love with it. I couldn’t get it out from my head. It took me some time to realiza that the song was from the same band that released the song “Te Necesito” from the album Estrella de Mar. From that moment, I wanted to know more about Amaral. It was impossible to resist the urge to listen to all their works. There was—well, still is—a music store called Sounds in Juarez, that was almost like a sanctuary to me back in middle school. I had visited it at least once a week after class, always looking at my favorite albums. But had never visited the Spanish section before Amaral. After Amaral, of course, the first thing I did was to run straight to that section, and my excitement reached its top when I saw both albums. I rarely spent any money at school, so I had enough to buy one, so I bought Estrella de Mar, and the moment I pressed the play button, the moment I couldn’t stop or skip any song. That moment I realized that being stalled in just one genre—or language—was a huge mistake. I had missed a lot of good music, and there is a lot of songs and artists out there to be discovered.

Hacia lo Salvaje

Photo from their sixth studio album, Hacia lo Salvaje

I have learned that every  genre has a treasure, you name it. It is a big mistake to believe that every artist sounds the same. I just wanted to talk a little bit about my experience listening to this SPECIAL duo from Spain. I had the opportunity to go to one concert in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico back in November 2017. Believe it or not, if you watch one of their shows live, you’re going to see a true definition of love for music.

As you know, this is not an informative post about the Spanish duo. It was a way from the to tell you how much I love their music, and that you should have a look if you’re curious about music in different languages. I hope you like it.

My First Novel: Translation (WIP)

El Bosque Donde la Vida No Cesa

Cover of the original release of El Bosque Donde la Vida No Cesa

Well, it was a quite calm journey. Can’t deny one of my biggest weaknesses, and that is the motivation. If something does not go the way it was intended from the very beginning, everything goes down.

Everything changed this year, though. The moment I opened this webpage/blog, I realized how much of a stress reliever this is. Therefore, I went back to my writing. One of my goals is to translate my first novel. I wanted to leave it behind and take a “fresh new start,” and keep on writing the new project called For Her Moon, there’s a post about the new project already, if you wish to read it to know more. Now, the problem of just ignore the first novel, as that this particular work was intended to introduce something to the audience; that something is relevant as a prologue to my following works—though not necessary to understand or enjoy them, so don’t worry about it that much.

Yes, I plan to talk more about it. But first, I’d like to get more reaching from this place. I can’t talk a lot about my books, and I wouldn’t mind, to be honest; but I rather gather more people to let you all know more, and see exactly what I am doing, with my WIPs and my preludes.


A fragment of the Spanish prologue of my novel

For now, the only thing I want to say about my novel is its genre: fantasy. I enjoyed the writing process a lot, and I’d love to share my stories to the world. You don’t know how excited I feel for the illusion of getting more people to know my works.

Hope you stay with me in this journey!

Reading is a Hobby


As the title says, reading is a hobby. Good. Now, time to explain myself. Why did I come up with this now? It is unfortunate that in my country, Mexico—and some other Latin American countries, I think—, the people never read, we are really famous for that, and I think is kind of a shame. However, you’ve been given the opportunity to meet people and you start to know why. You realize that half of the blame falls on these pseudo intellectuals that roam around believing they’re smarter than anyone else because they read. Wrong. If anyone reads, it is because this person likes it; that must be the only reason. Reading is a hobby.

Indeed, there are so many genres and types of books. From college books, which are there to show you some references about a certain class, call ir physics, government, history, philosophy, you name it. There are also fantasy and fiction books that aren’t meant to give you life lessons—though some actually manage to give greater messages than these so-called “self-improvement” books, but that goes for another post in the future. Just like television and games, fiction/fantasy books are there to entertain you, nothing else. One of the reasons a lot of people are reluctant when it comes to reading is because—and thanks to the mentioned pseudo intellectuals—it appears to be more of a task than anything. It is still common to see someone with interest in literature changing mind the moment some others say that you must read [insert a classic here], and if you don’t, then you are a fool. NO! Please, do not listen to them. There are a lot of books out there for everyone. There are so many things out there for you to sit and enjoy, get lost in the thousand worlds that are being created. It shouldn’t be taken as a task.


This should only apply at school, don’t be like Snape if you’re not a teacher

Can you imagine? At the end of your shift, you’re tired after your 5-10 hour routine (doesn’t matter if you work part-time or full-time), you bought a few bargain books because you want to start a new hobby, sit on your sofa, and then you remember that guy at your school or job calling you [insert your favorite insult based on self-ignorance] because you’re not starting with one of the classics. I don’t know, but I would do something else instead; something that doesn’t feel like something with rules that must be followed in order to understand what’s going on.

The only question you must ask yourself is: What am I looking for? Maybe you’re looking for fantasy—you might want to start with Harry Potter, or the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Maybe you’re looking for science fiction—you might want to start with Isaac Asimov that, even though he’s one of the classic authors of the genre, his stories are easy to follow and very enjoyable. Of course, these are only my personal recommendations, and the library for each genre is huge. There’s something there for you; something that’s going to become part of your life or the most beautiful of your literary memories.

Remember, reading is a hobby. It is a hobby that’ll make you PLAY with your imagination, even let you be the protagonist. You might end up liberating a Kingdom, or saving the world. Who knows!

I found the photo at the top of this post from Google Images

My Plans, Pt 1

It’s been a while since I this website. I haven’t done any official plans yet. As you know, a blog/website could be something like a stress reliever; I have my own paperback journal, and I love it so much, but of course there’s a limit on how much you can write on it, and the limits are called pages. Here, one can do almost anything when it comes to writing, it is basically your personal space, without being too personal—I wouldn’t recommend making this a literal personal space. Though I recommend you come here and show your work to everyone. Yes, go ahead and tell us all whenever there’s something bothering you about society or your hobbies, every person has an interesting word to say, I am sure of it. Share the photos you take when you travel, like the one I’m posting here, even though is from 2017 when I went to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; tell us about it, recommend restaurants, or do whatever you feel like doing at the moment of writing your post.

I want to make sure I am doing the right thing, though. I am finally able to keep something like this flowing; you’ll have at least one post every two weeks, and I am really happy doing it because I can talk to you about whatever I feel like. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but everything I plan to do is by heart. Spread my words around and finally show you my short stories before my novel. Yes, the short stories are going to be free for this website/blog. No cost at all!

I’d feel like a greedy individual if I ask you to share anything, any support comes by your own will. But, of course, my short stories (still working on them) are very important to me, and I’d love if anyone spread the word about those once they had been published. But, as I’ve mentioned, by your own will… AND if you like them! It wouldn’t be fair if you share my work if you’re not liking it, unless you want to make fun of my stories with your friends (I guess that’s acceptable, too).

Oh well, I feel so nervous but I need to share my short stories with you eventually.