Brandon News

Brandon news happened yesterday. I will be doing all posts on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but today I feel like posting about something that made me happy. Also, I’ll talk about these short posts very soon; I have scheduled that already, but this particular release forced me to talk about it real quick.

Sunreach, a novella set between Starsight and Cytonic (book two and three of The Skyward Series), will be released on September 28th. The other two novellas are coming out very soon, and I feel so ready for them.

Of course, I didn’t think twice about placing my pre-order. I am always waiting for a new book to be released. I loved the series, even though I know The Skyward Series has no place in the Cosmere. I still remember when I started Spensa’s journey to becoming a pilot and how I fell in love with the characters. I’m not going to lie; I feel so tempted to interrupt my current reading to start with Skyward and prepare for the novella. Ha ha!

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A Daily Question

Perhaps I should not do this, but I really want to know about followers, algorithms, and internet magic that affects interactions in general. It’s not rare to hear about this on YouTube because, let’s face it, YouTube has more potential to gain views than blog entries. Unfortunately, the algorithm attacks anything that is on the internet.

I am not complaining, though; I understand that I should’ve taken the opportunity to blog from the very beginning of the blog era if that is (or was) a thing.

Okay, now that I think about it, it would have been a bad idea to start blogging when I was young. Honestly, I didn’t have much to offer back then, just my love for music and nothing else; perhaps a short story or two? It doesn’t matter now; it didn’t happen. It should be left buried in the past and burn the bridge.

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The thing I want to do starting on Monday 26th is to post a daily question. I want to do this for the sole purpose check activity and, of course, get to know others. Some of these questions may involve your work, channel, or blog, so your responses won’t be considered spam. I don’t mind when people post their own things in the comments below, but I think it’s better to start with a dialogue about it. If anybody posts a link without context, it usually seems suspicious. If it’s a book you’ve published, feel free to post the title and where we can find it! Just make sure it is a response to the actual question.

If I don’t see responses after a month of QOTDs, I guess I’ll stop doing them and keep working on what matters the most. Besides, with the vaccinations and the new normality coming soon, I hope I can start doing my blogs about Juarez and a little bit of El Paso.

Another thing I want to say. This QOTDs does not mean it’s the only thing I’m going to be posting from now on. QOTDs won’t interrupt normal blogging, so you might expect two posts a day from time to time.

Summarized Rant: Positivism

I had to think about posting. I had to cancel a scheduled post because it felt too negative for many reasons, and the negative is watering down the real purpose of the original entry. Honestly, I feel the words were true, but at the same time, some people could misunderstand the words I said. I will try to summarize a little bit of it, and, as always, my comments are always open to your opinions.

The point of the canceled post was to criticize (or viscerally attack) the misuse of the “think positive” phrase. Many people truly believe having a positive attitude will solve all problems or make things better. Others use it for the sole purpose of not using “I don’t care about your problems,” similar to the Social Justice Warriors on the internet, fighting for equality… as long as equality does not include white people or even straight men.

I am a person that suffered a certain amount of racism in the United States but at the same time received a lot of love from Americans. That said, let’s get back to the point of the exaggerated positivism that exists out there. I stand up for real equality; that is all we should aim for.

We only need to look at the smart asses taking advantage of someone else’s situation. With their lessons where they teach you how to change your mentality and reach your true potential; convincing yourself you can reach the sky, without any proper guide in how to do it, “be positive,” making you repeat that until you get old and die convinced it was worth it. Is it, though?

Other cases are literature. Pollution in the literature exists, and no, I don’t think young adult novels are bad as some people for some reason believe they are. The worst that has happened in the literary world are the books telling you how to live and how to decorate your house to attract good vibes. The thing with vibes is already beyond… sigh I am looking at you, The Secret. Of course, I cannot forget the dishonorable mention to Paulo Coelho.

A little rant once in a while does not hurt.

How Short is Short?

How short is short for you? What is the definition of short when you read a blog entry? I’ve been wondering for a while. There’s not a particular reason I wonder, but it would be interesting to know from someone else’s perspective how short is considered short. Does it depend on the word count, or perhaps is the time an entry might take you to read it.
If something’s tedious, I know from experience that even three hundred words will feel like three thousand words. It’s a feeling similar to when you are waiting to do something exciting, or when it’s Friday, and you look at the clock; that moment you have a single look at the clock, everything’s going to feel slow.

A blog has many uses. It could be your not-too-personal journal, or the beginning of your writing journey, or both; why not? Although I am always on the side of complete freedom (write what you like the way you like), I am aware that if we plan to share our words with the world, we won’t be able to please everybody. This is not encouraging at all, I know, but this is also part of being true to ourselves. And we also need to know that being too true to ourselves could be counterproductive, though I prefer it this way.

I read the other day a post about blog entries length. The article picked my attention because it says a post should contain at least 300 words to rank well in search engines, but longer posts with 1000 words or more will rank more easily than short posts.

With the data, most bloggers will try to reach that word count, and although a lot of bloggers have a good way to make their posts interesting to the end, some others may add unnecessary filler to make their entries longer. I’m not sure if I’ve done it in the past; feel free to tell me if I did. I cannot speak about other bloggers because the few I read are very good. But I can tell you examples of fillers from YouTube videos.

Think about your favorite youtuber. Maybe you’ve been expecting that person to speak about the title; the video is called “Jesus Delgado Sucks” and you want to hear about that, but the youtuber starts talking about a dog pissing on the vloger on the way home and how the recording is going to blow off some steam. That introduction was almost three minutes long, and the video is ten minutes long. Obviously, that person is just trying to reach a certain number of minutes. Some people like it, for some reason, and that’s okay; but I prefer those introductions to be shorter, or not included in the first place.

I guess I’d be wasting my time if I’m not looking to stand out in search engines, making longer posts without feeling it. Maybe I should not be here writing random nonsense without a goal. Words are unattractive by themselves, and some illustrations help pick the eyes or a good number of followers. In the end, I am here to share a little bit about me; some of my stories, some of my literary projects, my opinions on books, anime, music, and videogames. Of course, I’d love to gain more followers by doing this, writing a lot. But who knows what’s going to happen in the future, right? For now, the only thing that matters to me is to share and promote my upcoming novel.

I will think about it some more. The only thing for sure is that I won’t try to self-publish until my book looks great.

Boogiepop, a Motivation to Learn Japanese

What is your motivation to learn a new language? Music? Literature? Movies? Or perhaps an additional skill for your resume? I guess we all have different reasons for learning a new language; all of them valid and all of them can help you understand a little bit more about a culture. I’ve mentioned before that I learned English for the music and literature.

English is the easiest language to learn, and it also gives you access to a lot of information and entertainment. It’s the language the majority knows and must learn as a second language (unless it’s your native tongue) to get a better chance to find a job these days.

Boogiepop light novels, Volumes 1, 2, and 3

I was not expecting to be learning Japanese anytime soon. Some of you already know I like anime, but not at the point where I would be going crazy with a Pikachu costume. The subtitles are comfortable to me; someone has to be really dumb to believe another language is destroying, let’s say, America. Wink

Remember this tweet about the movie called Parasite and the Oscars?

A man named Bong Joon Ho wins #Oscar for best original screenplay over Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and 1917.

Acceptance speech was: “GREAT HONOR. THANK YOU.”

Then he proceeds to give the rest of his speech in Korean.

These people are the destruction of America.

— Jon Miller (@MillerStream) February 10, 2020

Yeah, I apologize; I just needed an excuse to point out stupidity, even though it is not even the point of my entry. Hey, these are the advantages of a freelancer like me, and then I wonder why I don’t have many followers. It is what it is, I guess. Ah, yes, and the tweet is not available anymore, I wonder why? Ah, yes, I am being sarcastic. I bet you remember it, and I don’t really want to forget we have this kind of people with influence.

I am going back to the subject, alright? I was saying I like watching my shows with subtitles, these are just at the bottom of the screen, and I can read lines instantly in English and Spanish. I felt okay with that. Besides, I’ve never been a hardcore fan of a show to wait for something more if not available. If the anime or movie is not on a LEGAL streaming platform like Crunchyroll or Funimation, I don’t watch it, as simple as that. Then I watched an anime called Boogiepop and Others, its first episode was so confusing, but it grabbed my attention until I fell in love with it. It was the first time that I felt the necessity to get the original source. I thought it would be a manga, but I ended up discovering something called a light novel.

I do have a post about light novels, so please check it out if you have not already.

Boogiepop is also known as the granfather of light novels. This means it is one of the series, if not the first, that introduced what we know as a light novel today; it amazes me that Boogiepop never received enough attention. The 2019 anime adaptation was not popular either. I understand, however, its lack of success; the story can be confusing. The novel/anime constantly jumps from one character to another and from one time to another. It is not a linear story, and you need to put the pieces together. The anime adaptation does not even tell you where it is, and you get prequel episodes without notice. The light novel at least gives you a clear hint that you’re reading from another character’s perspective.

It is a shame that these novels are not going to be popular in our continent ever. It’ll need more than another anime season or reboot to get the attention it deserves. I am not even crossing my fingers because I know that train has been long gone. There are comments that even Boogiepop’s fanbase is moving onto different fandoms as we speak, but these are only speculations. If this is the case, though, I would not be surprised either. The industry in constantly moving on, never waiting for us to catch up with it. A company is always about business and money before pleasing ALL customers. They try to please a majority. And because I love something with all my heart and soul, I know that I don’t represent the majority.

After everything I said and the title of this post, I think you already know what’s the remaining option if I want to read Boogiepop.

Learning Japanese From Scratch

Learning another language to watch your favorite TV shows is as valid as learning it for your resume. In the end, even if it was entertainment the reason you’ve learned a language, the skill is going to be there, and it can be used in your professional life. Just please, do not tell the interviewer you learned a language to watch [insert any show from any country] without subtitles.

There is a huge difference between a language that uses the same writing as your own and a language that uses different writing. My mother tongue is Spanish, and my secondary is English. Even though these languages are different, both use Roman/Latin alphabet; there are tiny differences between pronunciation in both languages, but in general, you just need to adjust to the other to learn, right? Imagine growing up with only one alphabet and then trying to jump to a language with different letters, like Russian, Japanese, Chinese, you name it. It is a world (or a continent) of difference.

With the internet, anime, cosplay, and otakus in general, Japanese exposition has grown in our continent, giving a lot of relevance to the culture, which has been an important milestone for diversity. We have many things to choose from, and from different countries; we are not forced to watch or listen to local or American media anymore. We have access to bits of many countries from the commodity of our homes. Unfortunately, there are so many other things out there that never get an official translation or release near us. No, I DO NOT support piracy!

Boogiepop Missing: Peppermint Wizard

Boogiepop Missing: Peppermint Wizard is the 7th volume of the series, but it is also from here that the light novels haven’t gotten an official translation. The last book we got officially translated was Boogiepop at Dawn, a prequel to the series. I want to believe that at least it was a good place to stop, except that I fell in love with Boogiepop. I know many people are waiting for Seven Seas Entertainment to release more official translations, and I know that will not happen ever, so there is only one way to read the following novels. What a weird place to start, right?

I might update my progress if I feel like it.

To conclude this post, I need to tell you I feel excited. The perfect opportunity AND motivation reached me. You should check the light novels if you haven’t already. There’s also an anime adaptation of the novels 1-3, 5, and 6, available on Crunchyroll, but you need to go with an open mind.

Have you heard about Boogiepop? Have you learned another language for entertainment purposes?

Dark Entries

The title is a Bauhaus song. Honestly, though, it has nothing to do with it, but I’m going to put it here for you to listen. Enjoy!

“Dark Entries” by Bauhaus

There are so many times when your mind goes blank. Total emptiness breaks through your brain, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or maybe you can, but it’s hard to think clearly. The sounds around you become a distant echo, gradually disappearing.

There are so many distractions; all of them become one, forming a massive wall made of everything and nothing, all at once. Any inspiration to do anything is kept on the other side of that wall; it’s so hard to break that you end up going back at the beginning to the point of giving up.

It is part of any creative process to lose sight. It is part of any creative process to make one, three, thousands of mistakes as long as these don’t keep us on the floor. We learned that from movies or some others from good parents. Perhaps it’s easier said than done for a good percentage of people; of course, I made this up, I didn’t look for any statistic to give.

Motivation is just a little bit of what someone needs to write constantly. The balance between life and the inner self is also another bit of what it takes to keep writing in form.

I am not sure if other factors determine what we need to reach a specific goal. Whatever that goal you set, of course, this last point is different for me, and it is different for you, just like it is different for each individual among millions.

Dark is always there to consume us. We usually call them the inner demons, but we don’t know if those demons are just the negativity within ourselves. I am not a person who believes in a certain mindset; you know, that bullcrap we hear from self-improvement books. Our life stays the same while the author’s wallet gets fat.

What is the actual advice, then? I’ve looked at some of my past posts on this blog, and I asked similar questions. There are points in life when we need to take a break, ask ourselves questions, see if we’re heading in the right direction we wanted.

How long do we have to keep asking ourselves questions, though? I’m curious for real. May we ask a successful friend or family member, and we’ll find out that most of them have questions too. Even when we look at those families that seem perfect, I bet they wonder about things. Who knows.

It’s good to have a distraction once in a while. Music, movies, friends, games, or anything that releases your stress can be good for a recovery process. A good song, your favorite, is a tool that could give you a push. Sometimes we need a little push or a heavy push; it all depends on the kind of darkness you’re into. See if there’s something that would help alleviate stress, or see if you actually need a little extra from somebody else. The only thing that matters here is that you don’t remain in the dark. Or at least look for something within and bring it to your reality.

Now I feel somewhat guilty. I feel like I’m the one talking like those self-improvement phonies. But I have to be honest, though, and say that this post was for me. I wrote it for myself, and I don’t even know why I’m sharing it. I guess that is the purpose of a blog. There are different sections/pages on this web, and everything’s coming from my brain. I hope someone enjoys it, at least.

Welcome, New Year 2021

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, there is always a civilization at the other side of that tunnel. It is always a good thing to see something waiting to be discovered. Although, we know that in that little or big community there’s always A GROUP waiting, (un)intentionally, to make things worse for the rest of society. This is life! Imperfect all the time, and I am not going to lie, that’s exactly what makes everything more interesting.

Photo by VisionPic .net on

I am eager to see what’s coming for us. I won’t say there is something, a goal, waiting to be fulfilled—most of the time these New Year goals are nothing but a lie. Of course, that depends 100% on us, but you know what I mean. My suggestion is to make what actually makes you happy without being careless of the important aspects of life; your family, your income, and the pastimes that make you whole.

We tend to believe the lie that there is a purpose for each one of us, which is A LIE. Do not get me wrong, though; I guess it is good to have something to believe in. The problem is when we depend on that belief, sit on our butts and wait for that “life purpose” to come and say hello to us. That is not how it works. The true purpose is what makes us whole, as redundant as it may sound with the previous paragraph.

The world is getting tougher each day that passes. If you are reading this, it means that you are privileged enough to have internet. Just like I am. Keep in mind that there are people out there that are really struggling; it is sad that it is physically impossible to help everyone in need, although we can do our best to keep our families and loved ones safe. Occasionally lend a hand. It is easy to make hash tags and trends on social media without moving an actual finger. It is up to you and me to truly do something for our fellow humans.

I am not going to bother to insult that people traveling (job-required does not count, they are cool) or partying. Just want to let you know if it weren’t for this dumb “Cancellation Culture,” and the WP politics, I would let you know my real thoughts on this post. You all need a leash.

With no further thought, I wish you all a HAPPE NEW YEAR! May your dreams come true and the story unfolds the way you wish.

Pre-Christmas 2020

A new Christmas is coming. A few hours left before the most beautiful celebration of the year; a holiday most people love to spend with their families. I dare you to tell me a prettier day. It only rivals with Dia de Muertos, though this is a bittersweet celebration, and that put it just a little beneath Christmas.

Photo by Maria Orlova on

The year 2020 has been crazy, not in a good way however. Sometimes we just need to look around to see the countless things outside that keep us apart from each other. Society, even though technology helps us stay in touch with everyone, it seems it is exactly a tool to keeps us apart from each other. The visits at the restaurants were curious because we had seen a table with a big family; but each member texting someone else. That communication is even worse now. The best recommendation to endure and help our respective nations is to avoid contact as much as possible.

How are you going to spend your Christmas? That is a difficult question to answer. I know some folks miss their families so much that they are willing to risk health and safety measures, which is not responsible, and it is understandable at the same time. I’ve said it on previous posts that, personally, I don’t mind being alone, but that does not mean that everyone has to do the same. In fact, a majority is social; I am nothing but an exception. I really want to believe that there will be a reward at the end of the tunnel for those that are suffering. I want to believe that they, the ones respecting the rules despite dealing with personal issues by themselves, are going to be very happy once this gets better. Let’s just keep in mind that nothing is going to be normal ever again. This should be a lesson for everyone, to take care of each other, friends, families, and strangers alike.

I also know that “this should be a lesson for everyone” is just a wishful thinking. If another pandemic comes in the future, a lot of people is going to make sure to screw everything up. So you do you, my friends!

And for those that actually care (have a brain), I wish you a Merry Christmas!


This is just a reintroduction. This is not an emergency. Nothing to be worried about. I need to say this first paragraph is a personal message from me to… me. It’ll be understandable that anything that I say here about my long break may be taken as an excuse from my part, so I think I need to save whatever words I have and just reintroduce myself for the new people that happen to find this little website, blog, or just a bunch a words scattered on your screen.

Some music to start the day

Everything got me by surprise. WordPress’ interface has changed a lot. While I write this post I am having a hard time finding some of its old functions. I don’t now (yet) how to divide with a line a paragraph like I did in the past with some of my previous posts; remember, for me it was a good opportunity to add more personal notes into the subject. Though now that I think about it, adding a more personal note is a bit redundant, isn’t? I mean, a blog is supposed to be personal in the first place. I have a blog section, and that one is supposed to be more personal than anything. When I talk using a different category, Reviews for instance, I try to talk about games, books, anime, or movies from the eye of a consumer and critic, as professional as a tiny website could be.


What is this reintroduction about?

As some of you know, this web has been inactive for months. There were reasons, yes, but I rather push myself forward and retake some of the projects I left abandoned. My novel, Black Fields, is safe. I am making like thousands over thousands of backups just in case anything happens; I still have memories of the first novel I wanted to write when I was a teenager, I had a lot of pages and an entertaining story, and then my mom’s PC died. Quite the experience! Of course, it was entertaining for me, it was an awful story…but that was a good experience that prevents me from not taking preventive measures.

At the top of the page you will find different sections. Some of them might interest you, some of them might not, and that’s cool. I am trying my best to make this a diverse place for you to enjoy. Although I love writing, I must be clear that I am just one person. The most active section I believe is going to be the blogs. Why? The reason is simple: as a blog, anything is more personal (not too personal, of course), and it’s going to help me to kill some stress. But hey, do not worry, the other sections will be updated as well. I am always open to suggestions!

Find me on social media

You can find me on social media. I do have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Feel free to follow me. I know I am not very active on social media, but I’m always happy to read your thoughts.

Your words are important

I am open to suggestions and feedback. I’d love to hear from you about this site. Of course, the website is called Jesus Delgado Reynoso Writes (J. D. R. Writes for short), but that does not mean I don’t want to hear from you; the comment section on every post will be open for EVERYONE. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me.

Also, do not forget that sharing is caring.

Final note: I want to thank each of you for staying here and the new followers, too, for clicking the follow button even though the site was in a coma.

Have a wonderful day.

Spotify, My Love

Dear Spotify,

I must thank you for existing. After services like Netflix or Crunchyroll, I wondered if there was something similar for music, and I appreciate the fact that there is. There are others, of course, but Spotify is my favorite. I love you even when you don’t have the original soundtracks of the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series, or Blazblue and Guilty Gear.

I forgive you for that. Your catalog is big enough to compensate! Just joking, I know it doesn’t depend on you. Atlus and Arc System Works are weird companies.


This is an irrelevant talk. This is just a blog about nothing, to be honest. This is a post where I’ve decided to share more of the music I listen to and why. The vast Spotify catalog is a poor excuse for me to write anything. Come, listen to some of the songs that I love, and feel free to share yours. I am also looking for a good excuses and recommendations to add songs to my playlists.

I remember my love for music as a kid. Believe it or not, my parents punished me by taking the music away from me. They never touched my videogames, as my biggest hobby was music.

My story began when my uncle played a VHS tape (damn, I am old). A cousin recorded a lot of music videos from MTV. Believe it or not, the M stands for Music, and they had actually shown music videos. INCREDIBLE! Back to topic: that VHS tape included a lot of rock videos. Before that, I loved music, but I didn’t really care much about it. I was a little kid, so my knowledge in music was so little. Then a song began, “Falling Away From Me” by Korn. From that moment on my interest in music started.

At first, I only listened to English songs, even though I had no clue what they said. Hey, now I have to thank that music that I’ve learned the language. Yet, I was an ignorant fool thinking that only music in that language was worth. Then a popular channel in Mexico proved me wrong. There was a Top Ten show on Saturday mornings; of course, they only played songs in Spanish, so I had zero interest. Then, a song started–a song from a duo from Spain: Amaral, with a song called “Te Necesito”, featuring Beto Cuevas (the singer from a Chilean band called La Ley). I’ll show you below.

Some inspiring music

One of the things I love most is writing, that’s the purpose of my blogs, just write and write until I feel tired. There are other sections as well, that I wish to use for reviews, stories, and promote my future novel.

I know some prefer to write or do homework in complete silence. I understand that, I love silence, or I prefer a very low volume at home when I watch anime or play videogames. Music being an exception. When I listen to music I like it loud. Punk, rock, metal–these genres are meant to be loud.

There’s another exception, though, and that is the exact moment I sit down to write. I only need enough space in my head for soft music and imagination. I realized that videogames have a vast selection of music that could work perfectly to do activities that require concentration. I would never get tired to recommend it, and I would never end naming examples of videogames with great music. It is a shame that not everyone is going to take that music seriously, “it came from videogames, how could that be good?” Nothing I can do to change their minds.

The only thing left for me to do is to write and see if anyone is curious to listen.

“Hopes and Dreams” is the title screen song from a game called VA-11 Hall-A, a cyberpunk visual novel available on all gaming platforms. That moment the title screen shown up, I feel in love with its soundtrack. The music fits perfectly; there are many hopes and dreams gathered in a city where the game takes place. Hope and dreams are the only things you could strive for in a decaying city. You are a bartender, and your job is to serve drinks and listen to the citizens tell about the problems and what’s happening, while the music you’ve chosen for the jukebox plays in the background, giving a temporary feeling of relief.

The full soundtrack is available on Spotify.

English is not the only language for music

Imagine one being so disrespectful to music that automatically assumes that there’s only one language for music? I feel ashamed, but I was one of them, and I don’t want to believe that people that only knows one language is the same today as I when I was twelve years old.

I am so glad I changed my mind after listening to this duo from Zaragoza, Spain, because they helped me to look further into them and other artists as well. One of my dreams was to assist to one of their shows. Unfortunately, I always lived close to the border, and they usually visit the most important cities in the country. So any hope died back then, and I never had the opportunity to travel when I was a kid. That changed as an adult, though. I traveled to Guadalajara, Jalisco (my favorite place in Mexico) in 2017 just to assist to their concert. Not only that, I was able to take a photo with Eva Amaral.

One of my dreams came true. I respect them. They gave us an epic show! I hope to repeat it someday.

A cure for bad nights

The Cure has a legacy, that can’t be taken away. This is one of the many bands that never wrote complicated songs, but somehow they managed to add a lot of magic to its simplicity. Robert Smith is indeed a genius songwriter.

From their most teenager post-punk album Three Imaginary Boys, to their darkest work called Pornography, to their pop rock Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, you have the perfect album to satisfy your mood.

Depending on the context, The Cure is also helpful if your intention is to write or study. I don’t know how to describe the sensation, but they are perfect for any activity.

When Metal tells a story

The Metal genre is well loved by many and hated by others. As any other genre, there are good and bad bands out there. It’s hard for many of these bands to not get compared to Iron Maiden and other veterans of the genre. Don’t you dare mention that a band because “Iron Maiden is better” (which telling that band is better than newer bands is just getting stuck in the past). A legacy is what they left, and we all should respect that.

A band caught my attention the first time I heard of them. Avantasia released an album called The Metal Opera, and my first thought was of a band that wanted to sound pretentious. Yet, my curiosity moved me, and I got the album (yeah, I bought it the same instant I listened to it)–as soon as I got home from a long trip to downtown in Juarez, I turned on my uncle’s CD player and listened to the album. Wow, I loved it. Every second of that album is gold. The “Opera” in the title was a real deal. It wasn’t just a title, its intention is to be a real Metal opera, and Tobias Sammet did an epic job. The album tells you a story that is written in the booklet. The booklet describes a scenario while the lyrics and the singers (each singer representing a different character) their conversations, as if it were a script. A real opera.

Tobias Sammet made something I never thought possible. Back then, I didn’t know if the project was 100% original, or if there was another Metal band with a similar concept. The only thing I know today, is that Avantasia surprised me. It made me look at music as more than just poetry, a thing that could tell you a story as literature does.

I am thankful

With all of it, I really appreciate services like Spotify being here for us. Giving us all access to a lot of music.