A Year Ago, Steve Soto Passed Away

Steve Soto

Steve Soto (August 23, 1963 – June 27, 2018). A year ago, the bass player of one of the most important punk rock bands in history, The Adolescents, has passed away.

I am not a person that likes to make any noise for any artist; but in this case, I believe I must do a certain kind of tribute. Punk rock music has been an important genre in my life. Since I was a little teenager; it helped me to enjoy music as a true form of expression, the loudest way to make a revolution without violence. Only as art.

The Adolescents, just like Bad Religion, Pennywise, Social Distortion, among others, had occupied my compact discs collections and now my digital playlists. And one of my dreams was to meet all the members that recorded one of the most important punk rock albums, the self-titled album, also known as the Blue Album, for obvious reasons. I knew they weren’t on tour very often, and also that it was not very common for these band to come to El Paso, Texas, so I decided that the only chance to fulfill my dream of met the original members, was to visit California.

Steve Soto old

After looking every week about concert dates, the bad news came to my feed: Steve Soto passed away. And with it, one of the most iconic members of the purest punk rock era. And a piece of my dreams to meet a punk rock gentleman.

Steve Soto, I know you wasn’t even aware of my existence, but the music you made with all your friends will accompany me in my journey until my last breath.

Rest in Peace