Lost in Quarantine

The Coronavirus is something you should take care of. Indeed, it's not as dangerous as some... people that is easily scared might say, but as any other virus, we need to take care of ourselves. Think about you and your family, think about others; let's do our best as a human community to avoid spreading… Continue reading Lost in Quarantine

Spotify, My Love

Dear Spotify, I must thank you for existing. After services like Netflix or Crunchyroll, I wondered if there was something similar for music, and I appreciate the fact that there is. There are others, of course, but Spotify is my favorite. I love you even when you don't have the original soundtracks of the Shin… Continue reading Spotify, My Love

New Violet Evergarden Movie

Yes, I am excited. As you already know from my previous posts about Violet Evergarden and its movie, my love for the series is beyond words. The only thing I know now is that'll be released in Japanese theaters on April 24, as the poster says. https://youtu.be/KfwISGxaNKg There's not a confirmation for American theaters yet,… Continue reading New Violet Evergarden Movie

A Sight of the Moon

A sight of the Moon. It is all is left. The sky has turned black and purple. The starts shine differently, and the Moon is reflecting their light. The sun is hidden, somewhere out there, as if Earth moved away from its gaze. A silence embraced everything. A few insects are singing from afar, while… Continue reading A Sight of the Moon

Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

After watching the anime Violet Evergarden, I was excited when I saw on Facebook that Konnichiwa Festival brought the movie to Latin American theaters. Of course, as I live just across the border from Juarez, I didn't give a second thought, got my ticket and went to Cinépolis (the biggest and most popular theater in… Continue reading Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll