Forced Not-Vacations

Day whatever of the quarantine. We're forced to stay at home, this is our contribution to society today. It isn't hard, but it seems some fools can't follow a single instruction, as if they were asking for something difficult. Thanks to these people, the quarantine could be longer, and they feel fine because, apparently, everything… Continue reading Forced Not-Vacations

The Name’s Boogiepop

Boogiepop and the Others is a difficult thing to describe. First things first, I need to warn you: the anime is slow. And when I say slow, I really mean it. Its opening might give you the wrong idea of the show, so I advice you to just enjoy the music, but don't judge it… Continue reading The Name’s Boogiepop

One Game, Another Time

Videogames have evolved. Decades ago, gaming was so different than nowadays; they were meant to give you some entertainment. As a novelty, though, they had caused addiction, even when you look at their simplicity—just a plumber that runs from left to right, with the goal (or excuse) of rescuing a princess. These games are meant… Continue reading One Game, Another Time

El Paso is Quiet, Sometimes

From March 9thI needed this. It's been a while since the last time I had walked around the streets downtown, alone. One of my old hobbies was this, believe it or not. I don't know how to explain it, but every time I walk beneath the dark sky, with the streetlights guiding my path, I… Continue reading El Paso is Quiet, Sometimes