Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson became one of my favorite authors. I consider the Mistborn trilogy to be masterpieces of fantasy literature. I've recently read Warbreaker, and this is not one of his best works. Does that mean Warbreaker is a bad book? Well, let's find out! The story is political and colorful. Though there's something missing in this… Continue reading Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Don’t Be Ashamed

Hello, everyone, and welcome to one of the posts I think important. Everything I do here is for your entertainment and mine. It is refreshing to write anything on the internet, especially when you're not very good at using your own voice to speak. Today, a problem that according to the internet, everyone should be… Continue reading Don’t Be Ashamed

The Worst Jojo

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was, for me, the anime/manga that really got me into anime. As many of you, I was introduced to the Japanese animation with Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, and years later, Death Note. Although, my love for Death Note was incredible; before that, I thought all the Japanese anime and manga was about a… Continue reading The Worst Jojo

Wheel of Time New Covers

I strongly believe we should NOT judge a book by its cover. The covers should not be the first thing to look at when buying anything, a good cover could be tricky. However... have you seen the new editions of The Wheel of Time? They're not atrocious, until the comparisons are easily available. Spoiler alert:… Continue reading Wheel of Time New Covers

I Read The Fellowship of the Ring

Just as the title says! Last week, I read The Fellowship of the Ring, and I gotta say, it was quite the ride. I gave it five stars on Goodreads, because that matters for some reason. This is what I said about it:I enjoyed this first part of Frodo's journey.It is hard to recommend The Fellowship… Continue reading I Read The Fellowship of the Ring