Mediocre and Bad

It all begun. I can’t tell you how many times I had to imagine certain things before leaving the gears turn. I had painted different scenarios and different dialogues, but none of them actually worked for me.

I love my characters so much that everything I had in my mind at a certain point felt mediocre or bad at its worse.

I made a lot of space after work to write, but nothing sufficed. Everything felt like a waste of time, I took a few breaks before proceeding, but nothing came up—mediocre, bad, or blank.

Finally, after many times going in circles, I believe I wrote something I liked. I had to retain those ideas by saying them aloud and putting them all on paper before they vanished. Of course, it is not my place to tell if it’s truly good or not; you’ll be the judge when the time comes. I only expect the truth, not sugarcoating, if my work is dirt.

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