Wow, Sunday

I usually don’t write anything on Sunday. It is the perfect day for many to do nothing and complain because Sundays are boring. I do that, too; it’s an excellent way to kill time; blame the day for my own inactivity. It is fun, right? It’s a contradiction, but it’s fun.

Seriously, though, it was a good week. Full of good news and some bad ones, nothing so bad to ruin a day, that’s for sure, so I’ll take it like a man and accept that life is not perfect. One of the good news, and the only one I plan to share (for now), is that ZARD’s discography is available on Spotify, FINALLY. Isumi Sakai was a great Japanese singer, and her music is the kind that you would listen to while driving/walking at night. The perfect soundtrack to enjoy the streetlights.

The other news is that we have only a few days left until Redawn is out! Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson did a GOOD JOB, with capital letters, with Sunreach, the previous novella set in The Skyward Series. Now I can’t wait for the third book of the series and, of course, the third novella. There are so many good authors and so little time. I’m currently reading The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan, and that book is so dense! It’s strangely pleasant, even though it’s very slow.

Anyway, have a great Sunday. Let’s do our best to enjoy the day.

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