Bakemonogatari (Manga), Vol 1

Bakemonogatari (Manga), Vol 1

The manga Bakemonogatari is an adaptation of the light novels, or should I say, it is an adaptation of the anime that is an adaptation of the light novels of the same name?

I asked because I have not seen the anime, and I have little to no interest in doing it anytime soon. At least until I have read the light novels. Also, I mention it because the manga is weird, compared to the book, which is weird already. It does not start where I believe it is supposed to start; Hitagi falling from the stairs and the protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, catching her before hitting the floor.

Do not worry; that was not a spoiler. It’s the beginning of the problem, the introduction of the girl Araragi’s going to help. The manga starts on their way to see a character that may be able to help Hitagi, something that happens soon, but certainly not at the beginning. The protagonist also mentions certain events that happened and might happen in the future, things that apparently come from the anime to prepare for the things to come.

Ignoring the fact that the manga does not tell the events in order, I believe it adapted the first chapter of Bakemonogatari pretty well, Hitagi’s arc, taking a few liberties here and there, which I believe it’s a good decision. I know there are purists that expect an adaptation to be hundred-percent accurate to the original work; should that be the case, I would stick to the original work instead.

The art in the manga is gorgeous. Seriously, it’s been a while since I read a manga that looked so beautifully drawn.

Hitagi Senjōgahara

From the first panel to the last, it’s a delightful read; just by looking at the illustrations by Oh! Great you know that the artist loves what he does, and the love for the series.

To conclude with this, I would not recommend the manga as an entry to the series, based on this first volume. However, I heard they plan to adapt all Monogatari with the title Bakemonogatari. If this is the case, it’ll be worth checking out; maybe the liberties I mentioned will be explained later in the manga. Just be cautious of this. Oh, and I repeat just in case: I believe this is an anime adaptation, and perhaps the manga is aimed at the fans of the anime adaptation.

By the way, I read the Spanish version of the manga. Panini México is publishing them in my country, so I decided to buy it from them.

Have you read the manga? What do you think about it?

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