Funny Feeling

I woke up with a funny feeling. Sometimes I feel motivated to do something, but I am sure it will fail most of the time miserably. I’ve talked about how I hate the positive attitude when it goes against reality. Many factors will affect your success; I mean what you expect as a success because I know people with bachelors and good jobs that feel they’ve failed in life because they couldn’t achieve a dream or goal.

I understand that feeling, and I repeat: having a positive attitude against reality is a mistake, but does that mean we should stop trying to achieve whatever goal we have in mind? Of course not.

We usually have some spare time during the day, and we rarely use it to pursue something. We tell ourselves, “we are too old to do it” (sometimes before 21 laughing out loud) or “we don’t have the talent/what it takes to do it” (before even trying or giving up at the first mistake). One thing is being realistic, and the other is being a full-pessimist, which is also wrong. Just felt the need to clarify, just in case somebody took my positivity rants the wrong way.

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