Indie Mexican Authors

Last night I interrupted my book to read another in my native language. Nobody knows, especially in my own country, that independent authors exist in Mexico, too. Hence, as an indie author myself, I thought it would be a good idea to stop reading what I’m reading and get a few books from fellow indie Mexican authors. I believe that there are many books worth reading, and I think there are hidden treasures to be found. 

I am not sure if my posts are going to help any of the authors for two reasons:

NUMBER ONE: My blog is in English, and it would be weird to have a few posts in a different language.

NUMBER TWO: I am going to be honest, like always. I believe honest reviews are more helpful to them AND the readers, but if the critic is “strong,” or maybe just pointing at little details would demotivate them, which is the last thing I want to happen, but sugar-coating it will be like treating them like idiots.

Once I finish reading the book, I will work on a review in English and post it here. Perhaps more Spanish speakers are reading me and may pick their attention? I hope so.

Additional note: this is a scheduled post, so I’ve probably finished the book already and prepared the review!

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