I have to start with an apology. I am trying my best to say something, anything. I talked about it in one of my posts; I think it was called A Daily Question. I won’t even bother adding the link because it was so unnecessary that it’s a waste of time for anybody who read it and for me to write it.

For some reason, I was curious to check my “reach” on the feeds. I felt preoccupied because the views were not going accordingly to the number of followers I have. There is a lot of fluctuation on social media and blogs, so I wanted to verify any activity.

Photo by cottonbro on, it does describe the state of my brain while writing the QOTD thing

The problem with this is that I haven’t posted much. My activity ceased for months, and I didn’t say a word about it. Honestly, asking myself why the interactions are decreasing is making me fail in many ways. Even the title of Captain Obvious was getting too big for me. My views dropped, OBVIOUSLY because I didn’t post much. Even with the dumb algorithm’s actions, it is normal to see people leaving or just looking forward to reading different blogs, websites, or perhaps another indie writer with a more positive attitude, and that’s okay! I would have done the same thing, to be honest. I have lost count of how many YouTubers I stopped following because they left for a while or their content changed to something completely different.

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