A Daily Question

Perhaps I should not do this, but I really want to know about followers, algorithms, and internet magic that affects interactions in general. It’s not rare to hear about this on YouTube because, let’s face it, YouTube has more potential to gain views than blog entries. Unfortunately, the algorithm attacks anything that is on the internet.

I am not complaining, though; I understand that I should’ve taken the opportunity to blog from the very beginning of the blog era if that is (or was) a thing.

Okay, now that I think about it, it would have been a bad idea to start blogging when I was young. Honestly, I didn’t have much to offer back then, just my love for music and nothing else; perhaps a short story or two? It doesn’t matter now; it didn’t happen. It should be left buried in the past and burn the bridge.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The thing I want to do starting on Monday 26th is to post a daily question. I want to do this for the sole purpose check activity and, of course, get to know others. Some of these questions may involve your work, channel, or blog, so your responses won’t be considered spam. I don’t mind when people post their own things in the comments below, but I think it’s better to start with a dialogue about it. If anybody posts a link without context, it usually seems suspicious. If it’s a book you’ve published, feel free to post the title and where we can find it! Just make sure it is a response to the actual question.

If I don’t see responses after a month of QOTDs, I guess I’ll stop doing them and keep working on what matters the most. Besides, with the vaccinations and the new normality coming soon, I hope I can start doing my blogs about Juarez and a little bit of El Paso.

Another thing I want to say. This QOTDs does not mean it’s the only thing I’m going to be posting from now on. QOTDs won’t interrupt normal blogging, so you might expect two posts a day from time to time.

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