Summarized Rant: Positivism

I had to think about posting. I had to cancel a scheduled post because it felt too negative for many reasons, and the negative is watering down the real purpose of the original entry. Honestly, I feel the words were true, but at the same time, some people could misunderstand the words I said. I will try to summarize a little bit of it, and, as always, my comments are always open to your opinions.

The point of the canceled post was to criticize (or viscerally attack) the misuse of the “think positive” phrase. Many people truly believe having a positive attitude will solve all problems or make things better. Others use it for the sole purpose of not using “I don’t care about your problems,” similar to the Social Justice Warriors on the internet, fighting for equality… as long as equality does not include white people or even straight men.

I am a person that suffered a certain amount of racism in the United States but at the same time received a lot of love from Americans. That said, let’s get back to the point of the exaggerated positivism that exists out there. I stand up for real equality; that is all we should aim for.

We only need to look at the smart asses taking advantage of someone else’s situation. With their lessons where they teach you how to change your mentality and reach your true potential; convincing yourself you can reach the sky, without any proper guide in how to do it, “be positive,” making you repeat that until you get old and die convinced it was worth it. Is it, though?

Other cases are literature. Pollution in the literature exists, and no, I don’t think young adult novels are bad as some people for some reason believe they are. The worst that has happened in the literary world are the books telling you how to live and how to decorate your house to attract good vibes. The thing with vibes is already beyond… sigh I am looking at you, The Secret. Of course, I cannot forget the dishonorable mention to Paulo Coelho.

A little rant once in a while does not hurt.

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