New Old Findings

Goodness. I was not expecting this.

I’ve been doing some cleaning. My home is small, so the space is not big enough to keep what I bought when I was younger. I found some cool stuff I forgot I had, but it is sad to accept that some things have to go away. I might put some of these items on eBay or any other marketplace.

But I found something significant, to me at least. An old notebook where I wrote a lot of short stories in Spanish. What’s so important about it? Easy, it means a lot of stories are coming to this little place. Do not worry, though, that I plan to translate and edit each story properly. I won’t use Google translate, upload, and that’s it; no. I wouldn’t dare to say some of these stories are good or not; I can’t do my own judgment when it comes to creative works. You know that the comment section will always be open for comments, good or bad (except for weird links). I am against censorship, and as long as I’m on the internet, posting stuff publicly, I know I’ll be exposed to criticism, constructive and destructive alike.

I’ve already uploaded old stories, but looking at the very beginning of my humble journey feels good, for some reason. Although I’d be lying if I say some of these aren’t cringy, so I’ll just skip some of the writings that are beyond salvation, haha.

Do you have a diary or random writings you feel proud or ashamed of? I know some internet people and friends had old notebooks or journals where they kept some of these. Now I know first-hand why they’ve kept them. It’s nostalgia. Just like playing a game, watching a movie, or listening to a song you loved when you were a kid, and life was easier and happier. I mentioned in previous posts that nostalgia does not affect me, but finding something I WROTE by my own hand, is a beautiful feeling, good or bad.

I bet this will be interesting to see; me fixing all the mess I had as fiction.

Thank you for reading me,

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