Back From the Scrap

Oh yeah, the moment I felt more motivated to do stuff here is precisely when my laptop has finally decided to die. It seems technology wanted to play jokes on me.

I had been using an old laptop my uncle sold me almost a decade ago. It was old, but it did the job. It took its sweet little time to perform essential functions, and it all got worse with newer updates. Still, it was a cool thing to keep and save money, right? It was still breathing; why bury the machine if it insisted on saving my days?

Well, two weeks ago, it decided my motivation wasn’t worth it. I don’t know what happened that everything I did was for nothing. Even saving updated Word files or images didn’t work at all. After making some changes on a Word document, I clicked save and waited, just in case. Nothing happened. When I restarted my document, it turned out it didn’t save a single modification. The same thing happened with some Canva images I made online: I rewrote a few words and changed the background, and when I tried to download the picture, I got the old one, without any change that I made after clicking save carefully.

I am not an expert in computers. I asked around Discord servers to see what to do, and the majority agreed that a new PC was urgent. Honestly, I was thinking of an excuse to fix that laptop and keep it until it exploded, but in the end, I was the only one making things more difficult. Writing is the most important thing that I have, and putting obstacles on my own made me think if I genuinely cared about my words and stories. That maybe I didn’t care much about writing and literature in general. Imagine how I felt at that thought—doubting after all this time.

I am old enough to worry about doubts, especially when it comes to something I am so passionate about. Not only that, I mentioned in previous posts that my website/blog has helped me to kill some stress, and to abandon it would have been a bad idea, even though the things out there are getting a little better (I got my second vaccine dose on May 12th, yay!) Perhaps I’ll be able to travel in a year or two if everybody cooperates with health measures. And if this happens, I’ll give you a lot of content about Mexico.

Photo by Lum3n on

I bought a new computer. And this is going to sound stupid, but it’s been a huge difference. I got so used to old used laptops that seeing this one running made my brain explode; it took me longer to react at its speed than the PC starting up.

I believe this post is short and too long at the same time. My only purpose is to let you all know that I have a new computer, and it is time to return in full strength.

My next post goes for the Literature section of my website, and it is part number two of my uncomfortable reads. Give it some love when it’s published.

Thank you for reading me.

It is always my pleasure to write,

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