At the Coffee Bar

Okay, this is a difficult one; I am still ignorant about past centuries, so I’ll pick a general response. Feel free to remove points for this one.

I’d probably be with someone “different”, part of a minority (no-white), and segregated from society. A black person, Asian, or anyone that looked different centuries ago.

The best part of diversity is the way we learn something new from different cultures, traditions, and ideas. Some of these could be adopted in our society nowadays. I can imagine that there was a lot to learn from the people who had to remain quiet back then. Perhaps our views would have been a lot different today if we’d known from diverse groups. I would love to hear how people felt when they truly had no rights.

I’m a quiet person in general, so I’d be listening most of the time. But if I had to talk, I guess my words would be of encouragement. I am Mexican, so I’d be part of that minority too, and I think I’d be in the exact situation as that other person. We’d both be segregated individuals from society, very likely having a hard time making a living.
Mutual interests could be a good topic to start a conversation. Everyone, regardless of any obstacle, has different tastes in music or ways to kill time, which would help us forget about the horrible life we had during that century.

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