Star Wars: Battlefront II in 2020

Star Wars: Battlefront II is a game that left a gross stain in the videogame industry. Electronic Arts is well-known for their greed; we know that all companies are in competition for our money and not our love, indeed, but EA seems as if they want to go against consumers.

Unfortunately for them, Star Wars: Battlefront II was the drop that spilled the glass.

However, June’s PS Plus line-up was interesting. Two first-person shooters, both from “let’s call ’em rival” companies. Battlefront II was one of them. Years have passed, and the game has changed a lot.


I have PS Plus, so both games were free and I had nothing to lose, right? One of the few advantages with this service, or Gold on XBox, is the possibility to try titles that you wouldn’t even think to look at if the case was different. Personally, I am not a fan of first-person shooters; I do have a few games of the genre that I enjoy most, but in general terms I rarely play them.

Although it is dumb not to try something that had been given for free on PlayStation. I added both games to my gaming library, and I had nothing to do on my weekend so I asked myself “Why not?” It is a game that had earned a very bad reputation for its game-breaking loot boxes. EA got what it deserved, all the hate from its consumers; the same consumers that will end up buying all the loot boxes anyway. We were all expecting a great multiplayer and a good campaign (a good based on DICE standards, of course.) Everything got better when the company had to make amends for the decision to make the game feel as an insult to the gamer community and Star Wars fans.

The game turned out great. Star Wars: Battlefront II is a game that actually grabs you into the experience. The bad thing, though, is that many players gave up. Understandable, but it is a shame.

What about Battlefront II in 2020?

The game is great. I can tell you that. PS Plus gave you the opportunity to play Battlefront II for free. That is what I call a deal.

The first path to introduce yourself to the game’s mechanics is the campaign. It is a good fan service, and you’ll have the chance to play with classic characters from the franchise such as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and others. The story itself is not really that good; it is set between the original trilogy and the newest trilogy. You take control of Iden Versio, who is the commander of the Inferno Squad, a group of elite imperial soldiers. It is interesting to play in the imperial’s perspective; although the protagonist and other character change sides quickly, and there are so many time skips. It is not bad, but just keep in mind that the game is just fan service. You won’t find a deep dive into the Star Wars lore.

DICE is at its best with multiplayers, we just need to look at Battlefield 1 to know what’s up. Perhaps someone is wondering if the online game is dead today, and I can verify that it is not. The online is so active I did not have any trouble getting into the matchmaking. In fact, it took me seconds to find match among the different online modes.

Should you feel the need to play in a war between the the Rebels or Resistance against Imperials or the First Order, there is not a better place to do so. Battlefront II does a great job putting you in the shoes of any soldier, or any heroes, from the three main eras of the Star Wars franchise. There is one online mode where you control ships, and these are great; the controls are responsive. If you are old and missed Rogue Squadron, this is a good option to remember it, and play with real people!

You also have a mode where you play as any of the heroes from the three eras against the villains (or viceversa). Personally, I don’t find this mode very attractive; I am not sure if it was my own experience, but the Jedi and Sith (the characters that use lightsabers) have all the advantage. However, this is the best place for fan service; perhaps you want to kill Kylo Ren playing as Han Solo. That would be beautiful. Good luck!

The main multiplayer mode, and to me the best, is Galactic Assault. It is a large-scale war of 20 versus 20. These wars are objective-based, and many vehicles spawn around the area to use them as you see fit. This is exactly how one can imagine a war in Star Wars. You have the possibility to play with special soldiers, or even heroes or villains, as you make points by fulfilling objectives or killing enemies. These objectives are the typical in games like these; protect an area, or attack that area. Believe me, these can be very intense.

If you’ve played DICE games before, you know what you’re getting into. And you know you’re going to LOVE IT!

I apologize I used the screens of the trophies I’ve earned. I forgot to take better screenshots myself, but I deleted the game and it would have taken a long time to download the game again; 100+Gb.

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