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This anime is very short. It makes me wonder if I should consider it an anime at all; each episode is two-minutes long. Perhaps it could be considered an advertisement? I’d love to try all of their food just by looking at it.

Wakakozake Screen

There’s not much to explore. We have to admit that Japanese cuisine is very attractive, especially for us that don’t live in the country. Every time I see one of their dishes my mouth starts watering. And it is not strange that anime emphasizes a lot in culinary arts. Food Wars being the most popular example of this. Although, Wakakozake doesn’t follow the formula of cooking tournaments or anything flashy.

This anime reminds me of the live-action called Samurai Gourmet, except that this protagonist, Murasaki Wakako, is a young adult with a normal imagination. During the episodes she describes the food, drinks, and additional snacks or desserts. Sometimes she mentions her personal and professional work, but nothing in-depth to explore. This doesn’t make this a bad show, this is a short-episodic anime (or advertising) about food!

It is, somehow, charming. The animation is funny to watch. And I repeat, each episode is only two-minutes long. If you want to give a quick look at the Japanese food from the eyes of a customer, this is fun.

The anime, Wakakozake, is available on Crunchyroll for both premium and FREE users. Click here to watch it!

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