What did you do on the weekend?

Good morning, everyone,

This is just another “section” I’ll do every Monday to ask you about your weekend. I assume that, judging by the number of followers I currently have, the post will be ignored. Still, I think this is a good way to interact with whomever wants to join!

Let’s talk,

What did you do on the weekend?

My weekend was boring. I’ve just been working on a few reviews for this website/blog. I’ve been listening to some Japanese music, so I thought I must share my opinion, and it is scheduled for Wednesday.

Two book reviews are ready! So both have been scheduled for Friday and next Wednesday. The first one is from a book written by Brandon Sanderson and the other a short book by Neil Gaiman.

As for hobbies. Just watched a few anime episodes; I think I’ll write a review very soon about it. It is a sport anime I’ve enjoyed a lot. Also, I’ve started reading The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan, book one of The Wheel of Time series; took me a while, but my journey through the series has finally begun!

Most importantly, I’d like to share some news about my literary work; but I don’t want to rush things out just yet. For now, the only thing I can say is that I am enjoying the results so far.

And feel free to share your own activities!

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