Wheel of Time New Covers

I strongly believe we should NOT judge a book by its cover. The covers should not be the first thing to look at when buying anything, a good cover could be tricky. However… have you seen the new editions of The Wheel of Time? They’re not atrocious, until the comparisons are easily available.

Spoiler alert: I am getting the new covers.

Let’s take a look to the old covers. Back in 2018, when my visits to Barnes & Noble turned out more frequent, I hesitated a lot. The Wheel of Time covers had beautiful illustrations. I have to be honest, the illustrations made me pay attention to the series (before knowing who had the series finished). Fortunately (and unfortunately, perhaps) other books had had priority. I wish I had an infinite wallet, but I’m a regular person. Ha!

Please, take a look at these beauties:

WoT old covers

I love the covers. The illustrations have a retro-vibe, they look really great; imagine the collections on your bookshelf. Just think about it. Getting home after a long day at work or school, but instead of sleep or watch television, you decide to read a book; and every time you grab a book, these beauties await for your return.

I was focused on Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaimann, and Jim Butcher. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t regret it. I love these authors, and I can tell you Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author nowadays. Also, Sanderson is another reason I wanted to get Jordan’s series. Robert Jordan passed away in 2007, before the conclusion of his books, and instead of leaving his epic fantasy series incomplete, he passed the torch to a young Sanderson. And thus, it’s got a conclusion!

Everything was normal, I continued living my life as always, and then heard about some fantasy news: A forthcoming TV show from Amazon Studios. That got me excited, but didn’t make me move a finger. Good news, yes, though I rarely watch TV, and if I do watch a movie or television show based on a book or videogame (or viceversa), I always do it after the original material, I don’t want an “interpretation” to ruin the liberty of my imagination.

WoT New Cover Announcement

When I saw the announcement of the new covers, my reaction was a “meh” of disappointment. This is when the problem had started but I couldn’t realize until it was too late. I didn’t see the point in buying the books immediately; I had books in my backlog, so I believed the best idea was to wait for the future. Months later, starting 2020, I went to Barnes & Noble, finally with a decision to buy a at least the first book set. Oh boy! The box sets were there, but not the awesome box sets with the amazing illustrations made by Darrell K. Sweet, no, I am talking about the box sets that are available today, are the ones with the new covers. Goodbye to the amazing covers with retro-vibe.

I know the old revisions are still available, but they are tricky to find, and sometimes more expensive.

I thought it would be a very good idea to wait a little more before getting the books. I missed the old illustrations, so it wouldn’t matter anymore.


One night, I was overthinking, as I usually do. It is a good exercise for the brain to traumatize it with problems from the past. IT IS SO HEALTHY… sarcasm aside, I wondered about the forthcoming Amazon Prime series, and then, a possibility scared me: a new revision of the series WITH-COVERS-FEATURING-THE-TV-SHOW-ACTORS. A chill ran through my spine. I hadn’t been scared like that since Silent Hill videogames. I had to take a rushed decision. Get the current revisions, before the series starts airing on Amazon

See the photo above, just in case you don’t believe me. The Hot Sale helped a lot to achieve this. Exploring the web, I looked for different opinions about these new covers, a lot of people hate them, and others say that the covers feel more “elegant” or “stylish”. I guess my definition for both words are different, but it’s just me.

As I mentioned, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in the end, the most important (AND ONLY) function of a book is to be read. Although I can’t deny my disappointment. I am also excited, my journey through The Wheel of Time series is going to begin sooner than it had been planned.

Now I just have to wait for June 30th for the last box set, which includes Towers of Midnight, A Memory of Light, and the prequel, New Spring.

Have you ever had a disappoinment similar to this? What do you think of the new covers. Personally, I don’t like them, but maybe you’re fine with them. Let me know!

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