I Read The Fellowship of the Ring

Just as the title says!

Last week, I read The Fellowship of the Ring, and I gotta say, it was quite the ride. 

I gave it five stars on Goodreads, because that matters for some reason. This is what I said about it:

I enjoyed this first part of Frodo’s journey.
It is hard to recommend The Fellowship of the Ring, even though it is the work that made modern-fantasy what it is today.

For a newcomer to fantasy, or literature in general, this could be a HEAVY and SLOW read—probably boring. It is meant for all ages, but the genre has changed a lot over the years, so this, perhaps, is not a good starting point.
However, if you are aware of what you’re getting into, and feel ready for a journey through one of the most influential worlds that exist, then go for it!

If you want to review the thing and/or follow me on Goodreads, this is the link: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3363139459

That has me thinking. Should be correct to rate a book/movie/game based on its legacy? I think not, but hear me out. 

It isn’t surprising to see a lot of praises when it comes to critics. Thanks to Tolkien, modern-Fantasy is what it is today, and I am grateful for that. Could have been worse… could have been better? There’s no answer, for we cannot see the “what ifs” and there’s no point either.

On Goodreads there are many comments talking about how The Fellowship of the Ring is the best because it has influenced the genre. Honest though, I believe a positive critic has the same value as a negative critic; there are millions of readers, taking that journey with Frodo and company, it would be impossible for everyone to say the same good things about the book. Actually, I would love to read more mixed reviews about Tolkien, not only the The Fellowship of the Rings, but all of his work. 

Times change, and perspective on fantasy has changed, too. That does not mean the book is getting bad as time passes by, but still bugs me to read the word “best” as if there could be such thing as “best”. Books and other forms of entertainment are having new releases, almost on a daily basis; are they telling me that they had the time to read EVERYTHING to have a good use for the word best?

Care to share your thoughts with me?

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