I Read Boogiepop

This was originally intended to be a review. However, the anime is so faithful to its original presentation, a light novel, that I believe it would be unnecessary. In case you want to know what I think of Boogiepop, go and check my review of the anime. Or, if you want to check it out for yourself, the anime is available on Crunchyroll.

My journey through Boogiepop started with the anime, Boogiepop and Others, based on the first episode, I couldn’t find any sense on what was happening in the show. I have a rule, though, which says that I should try two to three episodes before abandoning. I did, I watched the three episodes, and had the same feeling. But it was different: I never thought it was bad, I knew that show wasn’t telling the story chronologically, and the plot had an eerie vibe. My mind was deciding if I should overthink things through, or just look other way. Of course, whatever makes my head hurt is always the choice I end up making. OVERTHINK!!!!!!!!

The anime is confusing, it never tells you when the point of view has changed. It never tells you dates, or even if the arc is finished or not. The first episode is something before AND after the conflict of the first arc has ended, the events of the following episodes (just the first arc, to be clear) happen somewhere in-between the episode one. Yeah, I know it’s confusing when you hear about it or if you decide to watch without any clue of the series. It took me a while to realize that.

The light novel, although it isn’t clear when the events take place, at least it tells you that we’re looking at the arc from a different perspective; it makes things easier for the reader to put the pieces together. Sure, it doesn’t make it less complicated, but at least is not a bunch of apparent random things happening. In retrospective, the best option to approach Boogiepop, definitely is the light novel. I cannot deny that things could have been told a little more… chronologically, but I don’t know if the light novel would have gotten the same reception. Maybe it’s just to over complicate the story, or perhaps add a certain mystery to its pages?

I love Boogiepop, and I will DEFINITELY recommend it if you’re looking for an interesting urban fantasy setting. Unfortunately, this is not a story for everyone; it could be boring at times, as I mentioned, it doesn’t tell you much, and that might not sound very attractive, or even entertaining at all. Approach it with caution.

Just a few words

I read the first omnibus, which includes the first, second, and third light novels. These three novels cover the Manticore and Imaginator arcs. Both arcs are good; the mystery around them are interesting.

It is sad that only the first six novels (or two omnibuses) had been translated to English. I am not sure if they have any plans to translate the other light novels, or at least animate more seasons, but at the very least I can talk a little about the series and see if my little voice is heard.

Have you read or watched Boogiepop? Let me know!

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