Forced Not-Vacations

Day whatever of the quarantine. We’re forced to stay at home, this is our contribution to society today. It isn’t hard, but it seems some fools can’t follow a single instruction, as if they were asking for something difficult. Thanks to these people, the quarantine could be longer, and they feel fine because, apparently, everything is a conspiracy of power. I suppose there’s nothing we can do when part of our communities lacks gray matter.

man walking on the empty street

Photo by Alex Fu on

While we work from home, and the beautiful people that are risking their lives every day to keep important services going, all networks have noticed a lot of changes. Honestly, I am curious myself to see how everything’s going to be once everything is, kinda, normal. The way we see things, the way companies work; nothing’s going to be the same.

A busy day

I am amazed how adaptive we could be. When everything started, being forced to work from home, I thought we’d have more time to spend for ourselves. I was wrong. Not every employer has the same rules; all depends on the type of industry you’ve been working with. Some companies let you work from home and take all the breaks, and there are others where you must take your seat for several hours until your work is done.

Can’t imagine all employees that are forced to go to their work places, pending of all required services. Hospitals, groceries, construction, just to mention a few; everything that they have to do with all the procedures that have been added as precautions. They deserve respect, more than ever.


How do you spend your time at home? Personally, I am taking my time to read more, play more, listen to more music. Remember when we had many excuses before trying something new.

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