The Nicest of Birthdays

I turned 31, and I feel… exactly the same. I’m not young or old. I’m just here, living a “normal” life (as normal as COVID let us).

A day before, I had planned to ignore everything, lay on my bed, and play videogames; enjoy my PS4 console with my digital gaming library. I got Assassins Creed Syndicate as a present from me to me, and while the game was downloading, I got the next email:

Someone changed my email. I thought it was some kind of warning that someone just tried to do so, but no. When looked at the TV screen, it had logged me out already. I tried to sign in again, just to realize that INDEED, my email address wasn’t associated to my account anymore. I tried to be positive; I’ve had a lot of good experiences solving issues in the past, and I was glad that Sony has a chat support. This is where everything went to hell. They asked my about my email, transactions, email again, the credit card associated with my account, my email again (for some reason), and the serial number of the console I used to set up my account. That serial number is what I missed; I had set up the account from a PS3 I bought in 2013 or 2014, a console that I no longer own. Just for that little problem, they couldn’t do anything to recover my account. 

They couldn’t do anything with restoring my PSN ID to the email I’VE BEEN USING FOR YEARS. Email linked to THE SAME PP account I’ve been using for years for all the PlayStation transactions. Even the details I gave of my recent transactions weren’t useful to them. They said sorry, but they couldn’t do anything with the provided information, and that they will send me an email with the information I will need next time I chat with customer service. 

  • The PSN Account Online ID and email address
  • The Credit Card used to make purchases on the account
  • The serial number of the first console used to create or log into your account
  • Details of recent transactions made on the account
  • Email address used when the account was created
  • PayPal details (If applicable)

I had to wait to the next day because they closed. It was late, probably the representative was tired, so I guess it was okay. I woke up today, on my birthday, knowing that my account had been hacked. I had to wait until 8:00. I did, and when I connected to the chat, another representative asked me for the same information. I am always friendly, but this time I was even more! 

Same results. They didn’t help. They asked me for the same information. I got everything except for the damn serial number of a console I bought years ago and I don’t own anymore. I asked for an explanation, maybe there was a small gap to fulfill, but they couldn’t do anything for me. I tried a third time minutes later, but the representative said that it was marked and they couldn’t do anything, this time without asking for any information; it would be temporary, so that I should try on a later date. And there my account go.

This is the first time I had to deal with that kind of customer service. And I know they don’t even care. 

What a beautiful birthday I had today. A birthday with LESS of my hobbies!

Thank you for nothing, PlayStation

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