Short Thought

It’s been a while… since the last time I’ve last scheduled a post. I thought the situation the world is currently going through would gave me more time here. Life said NOPE. At least I am healthy, and is all that matters. 

Anyway, I’m back to my regular scheduling.

person holding film strip

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I’ve been thinking lately about what’s happening. Also, I’ve been thinking lately about our memories. It is funny how our perception of things vanishes as we grow up, and how some of the best memories fade away, too, while the ones we wish to forget remain there, punching us in the face. Over and over. Or is it just a minority?

I clearly remember 2017, when two of the most important events in my life happened. One a concert, the other a trip to Guadalajara (now being my favorite city in Mexico). Every hour I spent walking on the streets, exploring by myself. Discovering that, in my opinion, the best way to travel to another city, and perhaps another country, is doing it by yourself.

A reminder that you did good things

No exception here. How could we underestimate ourselves when something does not go as expected. A little mistake is more than enough to feel as a deception; mistakes that could’ve been fixed by sharing a few words, or just by not overreacting. These errors stay there, yes, but perhaps is just a reminder that you need to avoid the same rock, if you know what I mean.

Sometimes thinking things through might help not to do repeat an undesirable event.

A short term effect

Easier said than done. Make uncomfortable thoughts short is just hard. We mock ourselves all the time, probably because we want to improve as individuals. The thing, though, is that overthinking, and I mean when we don’t stop to the point it becomes just one image in our heads that won’t let us overcome the past. The past is dead and gone. It is a part of what we are today, but it doesn’t mean we have to carry everything over our shoulders until the end of times. It is not even healthy.

This is short, I know. Weird times we’re all living. The best thing we can do is to follow the rules, laws, and wait for everything to gets “normal”. We should be grateful for those who’ve been outside, working for the public service so many of us can be safe at home. 

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