Lost in Quarantine

The Coronavirus is something you should take care of. Indeed, it’s not as dangerous as some… people that is easily scared might say, but as any other virus, we need to take care of ourselves. Think about you and your family, think about others; let’s do our best as a human community to avoid spreading a disease.

Many public places have been closed. Including companies that sent their employees to do home office. Some others, unfortunately, have to assist to their jobs. One thing is for sure though: there are a huge amount of people in their homes, breaking a routine, and wondering what to do in this situations.

That’s the answer: now that your routine has been broken, why not break it even more? I mean, how many times have you said that you wish you had enough time during the day to do something, like reading a book or other activity that demands your attention. This is a great opportunity to find new things to do.

person in yellow protective suit reading a book

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


A book is a thing  that demands all your attention. If you want to read a novel, you’re going to need to follow a story. I know you get home tired from work, and the last thing someone wants to do is pick an activity that seems like a shore. It is not, but it is understandable to feel that way.

This is the time to discover that reading is not a shore. That reading is, indeed, as fun as watching a movie or playing a video game. Do not believe me? Well, hear me out (or read me, actually). Think about your favorite genre in movies. Is it fantasy? Space movies? Romance? Comedy? After that, it is simple: go and look for a book of the same genre. Go to your local bookstore, or look it up on the internet (Google and Goodreads are your friends). Never pick up something that didn’t grab your attention in the first place. Choose from the things you love in other formats.


man holding remote control

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com


This is the most common activity in this circumstances. It is too obvious that mentioning will give me the title of Captain Obvious, but I’ll do it anyway.

Watch movies or series that you like. Or, why not, break all of your routines. This is totally the opposite from the books; I had said that you should read something the same genre you love. In this case I’m going to tell you to do the opposite. For the movies try something different. Watching a movie doesn’t even look like a shore as if it were a book. So this time don’t be afraid to watch a movie that you wouldn’t watch with a limited time after working for hours! Imagine, you might end up finding a new favorite film; a favorite film you’d never thought it would be good.

Have you tried watching anime instead of Hollywood movies, perhaps? The world is so big. Netflix and other platforms are providing a good variety of formats for everyone. Try those and see there’s more out there than we think!

This is just my opinion, of course, and I don’t intend to make you break your routines at all! Feel free to add more activities if you like, or tell me if you did watch or read new stuff.

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