Prelude Tomorrow

blue and purple cosmic sky

Photo by Inactive. on

Update. After all this time? Alw… no, what I really meant was that, after all my promises on short stories, the first one is going to be posted tomorrow!

The title is A Sight of the Moon, and it’s going to be a prelude of my novel—the project called For Her Moon.

Please, share my stories if you like them! Remember, sharing is caring. ❤ Also, feel free to comment. All feedback is welcome, if you like my story, if you love it; even if you hate it, I welcome you all here!

While you’re reading this, I’m already working on my next short story. The next one is going to be independent from the project For Her Moon. Originally, it was meant to be a micro-story to use for a challenge. Unfortunately, the short story (title TBA), can’t be too short to participate on that challenge. Though I didn’t tell how short it was meant to be, I thought that person wouldn’t take the time to read the story as it really is. Hope you like it, too! I’ll let you know the date for that one soon.

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