What Kind of Whatever

It’s hard nowadays to get old people to know new bands. The young fellas know old bands because their parents try to show them what was their music back then, and it is cool to share with your kids about those better times. The problem begins when you show your music as an elitist telling “the music from [insert your favorite decade here] was better than today’s”. Oh Lord. I believe every generation believes everything was better in their childhood’s decade. Is it truth? Absolutely not. Really?

Just think about it. It is true that The Beatles and other bands from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s defined what music, specially rock, is today. No one is trying to take away the importance they had; they earned the place they have in immortality, undoubtedly.

What still bothers me is the fact that some good fellas believe there’s nothing good. Had they at least tried to find new music? Of course not, and if that happened, the typical response to a genre would be “what kind of [insert your favorite band of the genre in question]. You know, people speak memes instead of languages.

Let’s go full metal

Ten years ago (or almost ten years) I had a conversation about one of my favorite genres: metal. The last quarter of 2019 had a another conversation about the same genre. Well, both times I had the same results, and that’s why I won’t even bother to tell the exact words from both cases.

Is kind of tricky to have a conversation on classics, these must remain untouchable if you don’t want to be sacrificed in a ritual. Jokes aside, it is not fair to verbally attack anyone just for trying different bands. Even if it is your son/daughter you’re talking to. Maybe you’d end up learning more about music, specially your family’s hobbies. No, I am not trying to be a good parent of someone else’s children, that’d only show ignorance. What I really want to do with this is open your mind a little to new things. And yeah, most Metalheads are above 30 years old, and have a good family.

Most adults should remember how their parents tried to raise them with music that “was better” and you disagreed in silence. That happens exactly now. Whenever you hear the bands Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, among others, you feel a chill running trough your spine. The memories of their singles are beautiful. Hell, I grew up listening to Metallica as well.

Although I have mentioned the classics deserve immortality, that shouldn’t be a chain to keep us tied to these bands. Specially if you start telling someone “what best is”.


Should the term classic exist? I don’t know, it is complicated to tell what classic really means. We can just go and look up for the definition of the word, and we all like definitions so here it is.


It is indeed how we can define the bands I have mentioned. They were very remarkable for their time. How about now?

Internet: a great source of entertainment

Decades ago, it was hard to stand among artists. You have an opportunity to be played on the radio, and lucky you if anybody paid attention to a new song from a band/singer no one knew.

The world is different now. The radio is still relevant, somehow, but having your song played on any radio station is not as “indie glamorous” as it was back in the days. It is understandable–services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and probably others I don’t even know, give anyone the opportunity to show off their talents. Or at least propose something completely new, something that might not be for everyone, but could gain a cult following. No, I am not saying “something that might not be for everyone” as if something bad.

Elitism makes people believe that if something is labeled as a “classic”, then it should be considered the best thing that ever existed, even though our reach is significantly greater than it was before internet. So it’ll be possible that the label disappears in the air. How would you consider something a “classic” now that we can listen to SO MANY musicians on Spotify. The list is huge, and I dare you say that your favorite band (or mine) is better than something that probably has 50-100 listeners a month. Who knows? The number of great musicians is huge.

Classic, again?

This is short: tell me how would you define a classic now with the almost unlimited number of artists? I wonder that myself, but I don’t see how that could be relevant nowadays.

A point

I need to clarify that I have nothing against any band. I kinda like The Beatles and Metallica. I love The Cure and many others old bands! Their legacy exists and it is wonderful, I am so grateful for what they did with music; I am sure everything would have been different if it wasn’t for those bands. They deserve a lot of respect.

This also mean that new bands deserve respect, too, assuming you appreciate music. The moment you start supporting new bands that you consider good, believe me, they will keep doing what they love, and their motivation for doing it will increase. Take a look at your local bands, or if any of your friends has a band and you like what they do, share to your contacts. Sharing is caring, some say, and I agree. Sometimes sharing and talking about what they love has more meaning for them than anything.


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