Lord, Can’t Stop

clear glass window with moist effect

Photo by Aleksandr Slobodianyk on Pexels.com

Lord, can’t stop writing. This should be a good thing, right? Sure, I guess I could agree. However, I am still trying to find an identity to this blog. So I am planning a few things that might change one hour after I have this update posted. Who knows? I know nothing either.

This is what I have in mind, at the moment:

One of the things I’ve been doing so far, is to add an image at the top of my posts as a featured photo. That’s one of the things that might change in the future.

This image

Indeed, this photo

Although I think one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I’m just going to use the image for the main posts: blogs, stories, reviews… well, almost all of my content. EXCEPT, for the updates.

All updates, from now on, shall be posted without a featured image. Just like I’m doing with this update.

Other thing I grew fond of, is the fact that this place/website feels more as a home to me; my little space where I can go and write anything, express my feelings (without going too personal, of course), and simply talk about random stuff.

Most of the things I write under “Blogs” category are usually random, but sometimes I just feel like writing a few lines to tell something. I’m not sure if I should use featured images for micro-blogs. Not sure, to be honest.

This is it, for now. My short stories are coming soon, the first one a prelude of my project called For Her Moon, and I would appreciate a lot if you share my stories if you like them. The first story will be posted on Sunday!

As always, everybody’s welcome to comment or just say hi.

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