A Blog: For Her Moon, Pt 5

It’s been a busy, and unfortunate, week. I had to pause my novel, hence my NaNoWriMo mission is going to fail. Doesn’t matter, though, since the real objective is to write a novel. The 1st draft is going to be delayed, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone.

I’ve been backing up my Word file every night. I’m not worried about a file being corrupted, everything is in order so far.

Best backup method? For some people an external drive is a safe way for backing up your work. It might be, but I get paranoid with any external device, so from my personal perspective, sending the file to your own email is the best to keep your work safe.

Any relevant update of your novel? Not today, but soon! When a fantasy novel is focused on a solitary environment is hard to keep it interesting. Let’s see how it goes!

I am happy with my current WIP. No more information at the moment.

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