Music & Words



Imagine your favorite song

Music is definitely a sound that travels through the whole universe. A muse that flies around Earth, looking for those who had lost their way on the path leading to one’s creativity–a good power metal putting elves and dragons fighting in this ancient magical kingdom that was built on a piece of paper. A pop rock song recreating a high school memory with a few liberties as you remember your crush. A piano piece played in minor notes, taking our hands and leading us to the deepest and darkest places that were hidden in our hearts.

Every piece of art tells a story of its author. The message is not always clear, that is up to the spectator to fill the holes with an individual interpretation, but always keeping in mind the creator’s own life and what you have on sight. Music, on the other hand, although it almost works the same way, the meaning for each note goes beyond a single interpretation; a mayor chord might make you feel happy, but there are no words, there are no images to show you what the author felt exactly–you draw your own image in your mind, what made YOU happy. The world that your head builds when the music starts playing is supernatural, even when the song has lyrics, it is hard to not portray oneself along the rhythm.

I still remember the first time I heard “A Forest” by The Cure. The bass made me feel like I was walking through the nature at dusk, caring about my foot trails. I ended up getting lost, though, and it didn’t matter because I knew there was a mystery at the end of that forest. Never reached that goal. It was a path that felt infinite, but a path that I would walk again if given the chance.

Must clarify that “A Forest” is not even close to being one of my favorite songs, but it’s actually the first song with lyrics that helped as company when I wrote my first short story. That was more than a decade ago, the days I remember how much I wanted to conquer the world.

That music without words is the one that lets you picture your own story. Listen to your favorite bossa nova, synth-pop, “classical,” you name it. The sounds that shield your ears and emotions through your headphones. Following the sidewalk, passing by the city lights as the world around you falls asleep.

Silent. There’s no sound anymore, but you are unable to notice–to care–, a playlist is making your insecurities disappear. Walk, nobody’s around and yet, you could almost remember with clarity and taste the Coca-Cola and beer you had with your friends at the restaurant on the corner of the childhood neighborhood. How long has it been? Months, years, decades, it’s your life and you know what you had lived.

And it starts raining.

Personal note: It’s been hard for me to come up with new stories. I have a few outlines which I really hope I can use very soon to start sharing my short stories on this not-blog. Music has helped me a lot through my life; it’s always been there whenever I need to write or just escape reality.

Feel free to share the songs that make you feel inspired. If it helps you to create your own art, or just to pass the time.

Thank you so much for being here. If you like my content, feel free to follow me here and/or Twitter.

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