Still a Ravenclaw


My favorite genre in literature is fantasy. And the last time I was so in-depth with a fantasy novel was with the Harry Potter series. A lot of people criticize Rowling for many things, sometimes without a real fundamentals. It is impossible to deny that she carved a good mark in a whole generation of kids, teenagers, and adults alike. I arrived late to the party; I got Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was 22. I tried to avoid it due its popularity—don’t judge me, the popular thing I read before that was the Twilight series, so please understand how reluctant I had been when one of my friends insisted me to read them.

That is a summary on how my introduction to Hogwarts began. Today, I have the seven Harry Potter books, a collection in Spanish and a bundle in English, and I regret nothing. There are a lot of complaints against the author, and with all that have been happening the current decade, everything being offensive and politically incorrect, there might been many opinion about her points of view. Does that really matter, though? I don’t think so. As many others forms of art, I believe we shouldn’t care too much about the author; only his/her work. Authors are people like you, like me; and like you and me, they have different ideas and opinions, some of them we might not agree on, but that doesn’t make them bad (unless their ideals are straight up harmful).

If you follow J. K. Rowling, you already know what I refer too when I mention complaints against the author. Out of nowhere she’s causing a lot of noise for her declarations about some of the Harry Potter characters. I say we should be respectful and take those commentaries as a “curiosity” or just ignore them completely. As for me, I love the Harry Potter series, but to me it begins with The Sorcerer’s Stone and ends with The Deathly Hallows. I’ll keep it this way, and I’ll love it the way it is.

Of course, feel free to comment your own points of view about the author and her books!

I took the photo from DevianArt. This is the link: 

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