New Stories


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Ah, this is a marvelous place to say whatever we want, share our trips, our songs, our photos, experiences and more. One of the most beautiful things, though, is the fact that we’re able to schedule posts and keep this place active for you and your friends or viewers; the purpose of each blog is different, and this is another world yet to be explored. I must admit that most of the upcoming posts are scheduled, except for this one, and the reason is that I have a normal life like you and a good percentage of population. So, now that I have a few scheduled posts waiting to be published by themselves, I am here to let you know that I will be available to focus on my short stories. This blog, indeed, has its main focus on my fantasy, and now I want to pay all of my attention to do it the right way.

It’d be easy for me to just write anything that sounds good enough for a blog and get feedback, comments, or whatever you’d be so kind to give; but that is exactly why I want to do things the right way. If you’re taking your time to read my posts (reviews, journal, stories, or anything from me), the least I need to do is make things as professional as possible for a single person. A journal, might be something completely random, but my stories are like my babies; my own characters, my own worlds, my own building and destruction of it will be all mine, and I want it to be properly done.

As soon as I have one scheduled, I’ll let you know with all details!

Thank you for your time.

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