Personal Writing Advice, Pt 1

Okay, so this is going to be one of these posts that serve little purpose, needed to be honest. I am not a professional writer, and this blog, as I shall explain on a scheduled post, it is to show you my writing style and my improvements. There are still pending short stories yet to be published, so hang on!

I have a personal advice for everyone. I had been struggling to write comfortably, not due artistic block or anything like that. It is something with the easiest solution on earth for any creative mind, and that is a clean environment; in my case, a clean desk. It does sound absurd from afar, I know, buy you should know how this helps. Imagine your laptop among stacked papers, water bottles, cans of soda, random coins, two headphones, a wallet, snacks, keys, and you favorite books. Now that you’ve pictured it, imagine yourself, coming home from a hard working day, and you have a lot in your mind to let your muse flow with your art. I don’t know, maybe you want to write a story, write a song, paint, or edit photography, and the first thing you see on your creative space is a hell of a mess. Just as I thought, you’d be adding a task after a hard day. Probably you’re going to end up doing something else instead.

So, try to keep your desk clean every day. Do not procrastinate when it comes to cleaning or create something. Do not let your muse see you’re not a clean person; she’s going to run away from you until who knows when!

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