Website LIVE!

WEBSITE LIVE!Technically, this post is a lie. This blog, website, or whatever you want to call it has been active for 4-5 years already. Though at first it was for practice, now I want to write more often, I am enjoying this a lot. Months ago, I bought a leather Ravenclaw journal. I love the Harry Potter series, and I believe Ravenclaw is the best house in Hogwarts… but I don’t want to start talking about Harry Potter, because if I do, this post announcing this website would get unnecessarily long.

So yes, this is nothing really important. My only purpose is to keep this place active, and hoping you all enjoy reading my content as much as I am enjoying writing it!

What am I working on?

I am currently writing a novel, project called For Her Moon. I believe it might change for the final work, but for now the hashtag #ForHerMoon is related to the novel.

What do I plan to do with this website/blog?

The action of writing has been my best stress-relief. And the mentioned journal was my favorite device to get better results. Unfortunately, no one has invented a notebook with infinite pages, so this blog is going to replace my stress-relief device. That’s one of its functions.

The main purpose, is to start introducing my work to all people that comes to my little world. The Stories section of my website will include, as it says, stories; short stories, to be more specific. These short stories and preludes to my novels are going to be 100% free, and I’d love to read your thoughts about my stories.

The journal section will include random posts about anything. I plan to talk about something I do, like some random thoughts about restaurants, places, general opinions about hobbies, and almost randomized brainstorming. Nothing from my personal life, though.

The review section will include my opinion about a specific movie, videogame, or book. I am not a professional reviewer, so take anything I say as it is: a personal opinion.

Final note

This is an old-new website. Don’t think this place is going to be the same in the future. I am looking to improve everything, from its design to its content. Every single word written here is by my hand and keyboard, but I am a complete ignorant when it comes to layouts and visuals, I might ask someone to help me improve the website. BABY STEPS, first the content, and then everything else.

Welcome to my little world, Stranger. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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