My name, as you’ve already seen at the top of this page, is Jesus.

I am an independent writer from El Paso, Texas, and this little web will represent a lot of my passion for fantasy!

Welcome, welcome.

Feel free to follow me on social media: Twitter and/or Goodreads!

This web is to show a little bit about myself, but the most important part of this place is the fun I am having while writing about different topics, from some (not too) personal thoughts to some entertaining stuff like books, shows, games, and my original stories. Pick your section and have fun reading.

I am just one person managing this web, so it is impossible for me to keep all sections very active. Bear with me while I write things. To make up for it, I am open to suggestions, and if you want me to talk about something that’ll make me suffer in the process (a bad game, movie, you name it), do not hesitate to let me know here or social media. The comment section on each post will be open for EVERYONE.

Sharing is caring.

Have a pleasant stay.

6 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you so much, my friend! And thank you so much for visiting this humble refugee of mine:)

      • I’ll be a regular in here, if you don’t mind; I plan to catch up on all the stories loaded. Take care my friend, take it easy and enjoy your weekend!

  1. May you have a happy birthday my friend!, second one spent under the prevailing pandemic scheme, I feel comfortable that you will find the best and safest ways to make it memorable! Cheers for many more to come my friend!

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